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Hello everyone, I am an Adult Fan Of Lego. Please checkout my YouTube channel and other Social media platforms (links below). I hope you enjoy my videos and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share. Thank you 👍🏼😊
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Hi, this is Martin aka BoomBrickz with an early review! I was very lucky to get hold of the not-yet-released Rocket and Baby Groot set (76282), which was kindly sent to me by Banthatoys! THE BOX AND PACKAGING: The box art features the usual LEGO and Marvel logos along with the black and white line drawn LEGO Minifigures and Infinity Saga at the bottom right, which is where we first see the new Baby Groot Minifigure. In the centre is the main build, Rocket holding both of his large handguns. Flip the box over and we see Rocket in a […]

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From November 1st to November 11th there is a new LEGO VIP GWP available in stores only, with a minimum spend of £65, these are the brilliant LEGO Drinks Coasters.  These join the VIP Fleece Blanket and the two new LEGO VIP Add-on packs (Fun & Funky and Winter Wonderland). As you can see from the packaging photo above these look very smart, when I got these I initially thought they would be made of cardboard but I was surprised to see that they are actually made of a nice rubber type of material, which are definitely ideal for using […]

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After watching MoonKnight on Disney+ and being a big Marvel fan I wanted to be able to add him my collection, I found these on Firestar Toys and they looked amazing on their website! They are available to purchase separately or as you can see below in a pack of 3. This includes ‘Lunar Vigilante’ ‘Lunar Lad’ and ‘Shamed Lunar God’ and 2 custom printed tiles ‘Scarab Compass’ and a ‘Khonshu Ushabti’ tile. Click here to visit Firestartoys and use FSBOOM 10% off your order! Now lets look at each minifigure in closer detail. Lunar Vigilante The Lunar Vigilante minifigure aka […]

LEGO Marvel The Eternals 76156 Rise Of The Domo
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With the upcoming Marvel The Eternals movie LEGO have just released 4 brand new sets, this is the largest of the 4 sets coming in at £89.99 76156 Rise Of The Domo which features 1040 pieces, 3 builds and 6 minifigures (2 of which are exclusive to this set) The set features The Eternals ship, The Domo, and 2 Deviants. Kro , The Mech style build, who is a Deviant Warlord, dictator and General and a Deviant dog type creature. Box Art As with a lot of LEGO sets box art, this is another great design and probably one of […]

LEGO MOC Porsche 10295 to White Batmobile Boom Brickz
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I love a good MOC (My Own Creation) and this week a brand new MOC appeared on ReBrickable that I knew I had to get! If you have not heard of ReBrickable before it is a website dedicated to MOCs and other users designs you can build from existing sets and your own bricks. When you set up a profile you can even add the sets and bricks that you own and you can search for alternative builds. Whilst searching through ReBrickable, I came across this amazing looking White Batmobile which is an alternative build of the LEGO Creator Porsche […]

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I managed to get my hands on the new LEGO 76194 Marvel What If Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man set a week early, as I collect mechs this was one set I have been looking forward to getting! Featuring 3 brand new minifigures and a build that can be displayed as a mech or a race car! This set consists of 369 pieces and sells for a reasonable £29.99 The Box Art: The Box art for these latest Marvel waves has been a welcome change, I have always liked the Marvel ones previously, the new greebling is very nice featuring […]

LEGO 71738 Ninjago Zane’s Titan Mech Battle
3 years ago 2 Comments

Anyone that knows me or follows my YouTube channel know that I love Mechs! I love to display these as there are so many different styles and unique building techniques and when the Ninjago Zane’s Titan Mech Battle was released it was a no brainer! Containing 840 pieces, 4 minifigures (including a 10 year anniversary minifigure) and retails for £54.99 The Box Art I must say that the box art for the Ninjago theme is always pretty good and this one is up there with the best of the Ninjago ones, it highlights Zane’s mech very well and you see […]

LEGO 76165 Marvel Iron Man Helmet
3 years ago 2 Comments

I for one love the new line up of 18+ sets that LEGO are producing and the Helmet line up has to be one of my favourite themes that have been added. Having built all 3 (at the time of writing) Star Wars Helmets I needed to build the Marvel Iron Man helmet! Iron Man Helmet consists of 480 pieces and only 2 stickers and retails for £54.99   The Box Art I really like the style of the boxes with these helmet sets, LEGO have done a very good job with this and it kind of resembles that of  […]

LEGO Vidiyo Beatboxes Review
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The new Vidiyo Beatbox sets have been released and will they be a hit or a flop? Here is what I think. There are 6 different Beatbox sets available, each with a different minifigure and 2 exclusive beatbit tiles aswell as another 14 Beatbit tiles.  Each retailing at £17.99 The packaging The boxes that they come in are very nice and unusual for LEGO they are square! This is to accommodate the new large clear single piece that goes onto the from of the Beatbox so that you can easily see the minifigure inside with his/hers plate built stage. Attached […]

3 years ago 5 Comments

I have been lucky to be able to get hold of a complete set of the 12 new LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates Minifigures series 1 a few days before the official launch date, 1st March, and wow they are impressive!  These work with the new Vidiyo App as well as the Boom Boxes that are due for launch on the same day. Each minifigure comes in a sealed box , which unfortunately means that you can no longer feel for the one you want! There are no markings or details on the box to be able to tell which one could […]