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The new Vidiyo Beatbox sets have been released and will they be a hit or a flop? Here is what I think.

There are 6 different Beatbox sets available, each with a different minifigure and 2 exclusive beatbit tiles aswell as another 14 Beatbit tiles.  Each retailing at £17.99

The packaging

The boxes that they come in are very nice and unusual for LEGO they are square! This is to accommodate the new large clear single piece that goes onto the from of the Beatbox so that you can easily see the minifigure inside with his/hers plate built stage.

Attached to this clear piece is a rubber handle, which has indents on the inside to help with grip, that is attached via a special piece that clips into the clear piece and then 3 LEGO elements then hold the strap in place. This is a very nice addition to the sets and make them easy for children to carry around, however if you are wanting to display them one on top of the other these handles can make it awkward. You could just hang them up I suppose!

The rear of the Beatbox is another large new piece designed for these sets, each a different colour with studs on one face so you can build a small picture (using the pieces supplied) that represents the set, the instructions do give you 3 options to build on each set which is a nice touch. This then attaches to the rear of the Stage, where the minifigure and Beatbits are stored, and inside you can store spare pieces, extra Beatbits and the accessory that comes with each minifigure.

The Minifigures

In each set are absolutely amazing and these are the main reason that a lot of people, including myself, are going to buy these! Each minifigure has amazing multi-layer printing on the torso, legs, arms and the heads which are a very high quality, nothing short of what you would expect from LEGO. However the heads and hair moulds are, heads above the rest, the best thing about the minifigures with all of them being exclusive to each minifigure. Just look at the Mermaids hair piece, wow!

Each minifigure has 2 exclusive tiles and an extra 14 tiles that are completely random, expect to get double and even triples of the same throughout the sets! The printing on these, again, are amazing.

Are these worth buying?

The Minifigures and Beatbits are amazing and this is what most people will be buying these for and you can see why the cost for these are so high for what you get, with exclusive moulds for the minifigures and for the case that they are stored in. However this to me does not warrant such a high price point as if you have noticed, a lot of retail sites were selling these discounted on launch from £17.99 down to as low as £11.99, which is a much better and reasonable price to pay for these. LEGO have obviously put a lot of money into producing the moulds and printing of these sets and also into the App for Vidiyo. I have still been unable to use the App as it freezes when loading and its not just me that has having this issue!

Will Vidiyo be a hit or a flop?

With the retail price being discounted from day one it makes me think that it may be a flop and not sell as well as I originally thought, however this price drop could actually help with sales. The minifigures make these worth buying, especially if you have all the CMF Bandmates already. The really concerning thing to me is that the App has never worked for me and many others and if this is the main selling point its going to be hard to see this theme continue, but as LEGO and Universal are both signed up to this I can see the App being improved and will hopefully be working soon so people can enjoy the full use of the App and start having some fun!

I really hope this gets sorted soon so we can see exactly what the potential is for this theme.

If you want to see my full review and some close ups of the minifigure please follow the link to my video and leave a comment if you will buy or not buy these sets?

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