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Lego Builder, content creator and in progress of lego ideas maker. Afol and enjoying every minute of it.
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Hi Everyone, it’s Jake from Lets_Build_Lego_ back with my next review of Lelightgo light kits and today I shall be reviewing the LEGO Batwing 1989 (76161). Now let me start by saying that this light kit looks phenomenal! The kit really makes the Batwing POP! Specially seeing as the Batwing is 95% black lego pieces as it would be. Lelightgo provide 3 different versions for the Batwing and I will be breaking down what each version provides and which version I recommend. Firstly let’s talk about the classic version. Now the classic version provides a fair  it of light, lighting […]

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Hi Everyone! I’m Jake from Lets Build Lego and today I will be talking about my latest light kit installation. The light kit was purchased from Lelightgo a company I have used from the very start of my lego instagram account, I have found them to not only provide very reasonable priced light kits but also quick deliveries and fantastic customer service!. If you have yet to check them out be sure to, link can be found via Lets Build Lego profile or by checking out their Instagram @Lelightgo. Now lets start talking about the Lego Delorean light kit! Lelightgo […]