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I love a good MOC (My Own Creation) and this week a brand new MOC appeared on ReBrickable that I knew I had to get!

If you have not heard of ReBrickable before it is a website dedicated to MOCs and other users designs you can build from existing sets and your own bricks. When you set up a profile you can even add the sets and bricks that you own and you can search for alternative builds.

Whilst searching through ReBrickable, I came across this amazing looking White Batmobile which is an alternative build of the LEGO Creator Porsche 911 (10295) by a user called Gnat Bricks and after around 5 minutes of looking at the details I decided to purchase these instructions. I thought £5.40 was a bargain!

The Build:

I set to taking the Porsche apart, it needed a good clean anyway, as I had not opened bag 10 (the pieces that build the Targa version) I added these to the other bricks and got ready to build.

The instructions are very easy to follow and have been made on which means they look just like LEGO instructions.

Using 944 pieces from the Creator Porsche 911 set its quite a large build which took around 4-5 hours.

Some of the techniques used in the build we very clever and it felt like how an official LEGO set feels to build, the designer has done an amazing job.

The designer captured the look of the 1989 Batmobile very well and it is instantly recognisable.

It was amazing to see how he managed to achieve all the small details to the front end, read and the grills around the car.

Even the guns have been included which you can remove if you decide you dont want them on the finished model and to complete the build there is a very nice and detailed interior which is accessed by a cockpit which is attached via 2 studs.

My Overall Thoughts:

If you like Batman, this is 100% something you need and it might make your mind up to purchasing the Creator Porsche 911! If you enjoy MOC building then you will enjoy this build and the final build is amazing.

The instructions are easy to follow and you will be pleasantly surprised by the techniques used throughout.

Is is worth buying the instructions for $7? (roughly £5.40) 100%!!!!

If you would like to check my review video on this amazing alternative/MOC build please follow the link below:

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