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I have been lucky to be able to get hold of a complete set of the 12 new LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates Minifigures series 1 a few days before the official launch date, 1st March, and wow they are impressive!  These work with the new Vidiyo App as well as the Boom Boxes that are due for launch on the same day.

Each minifigure comes in a sealed box , which unfortunately means that you can no longer feel for the one you want! There are no markings or details on the box to be able to tell which one could be inside which is a shame as I feel that this could put people off buying them. However if you can get hold of a sealed retail box this would guarantee a complete set. Each box contains 24 minifigures, with 2 full sets, meaning if you buy a retail sealed box you will have 1 set for yourself and the other set you could sell or even go halves on a box!

Now on to the what is inside each box. Each box contains a leaflet, but no actual instructions for building the minifigures, one minifigure and a small 3 pieces stage build and 3 printed tiles, all which are inside a plastic bag. This makes me think that the cardboard boxes the minifigures come in is not to be environmentally friendly (but it does help) but to possibly drive the sales up with a lot of potential for duplicates, I think a lot of retailers will put these on hangers or in security sealed boxes when on sale.

Each minifigure has 3 printed tiles, beatbits, one of which is exclusive to each type of minifigure. These are the interactive part of the Vidiyo minifigures. The printing and the accessories for each minifigure are amazing, crisp and very detailed with multiple layers of printing. I was so happy that these were not stickers!! I hate stickers!!

As you can see the details on these minifigures are amazing, very detailed and really colourful. Each minifigure comes with an accessory, ranging from microphones through to boom boxes and even a keytar.

The Vidiyo app that is available to download now! I have downlaoded the app, however my experience so far has been zero! The app freezes before I have even had a chance to scan my first minifigure, hopefully this is just something I have been experiencing, as the launch date  is looming hopefully this will be something that is sorted out soon!

My overall view on these are that they are amazing and would work just as well as a stand alone CMF, if the app works it could be great for children. There are 92 different printed tiles and possibly more for the future. which I only got one duplicate in my 12 packets! There have been hints at a second series near the end of 2021 and possibly a larger set, could this be a music/concert stage? Stay tuned to find out!

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  1. I love these! Especially the beat bits tiles. So far I’ve collected 104 different ones.

    1. Wow that is impressive! That must be a pretty sight to see, all those tiles 😍

  2. Some of these minifigures are amazing, love Shark guy and ice cream guy.

    1. It looks like a really fun and bright series, totally agree with you Shark Guy and Ice Cream guy are amazing!

    2. The Shark and Ice Cream ones are my favourite, great choice!

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