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After watching MoonKnight on Disney+ and being a big Marvel fan I wanted to be able to add him my collection, I found these on Firestar Toys and they looked amazing on their website! They are available to purchase separately or as you can see below in a pack of 3. This includes ‘Lunar Vigilante’ ‘Lunar Lad’ and ‘Shamed Lunar God’ and 2 custom printed tiles ‘Scarab Compass’ and a ‘Khonshu Ushabti’ tile.

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Now lets look at each minifigure in closer detail.

Lunar Vigilante

The Lunar Vigilante minifigure aka Marc Spector/Moon Knight, comes with a very high quality laser printed torso, legs and head based off of Moonknight from the Disney+ series, the printing is absolutely amazing, the details are so crisp and clean. Firestar have really captured the details of his costume using blacks, greys and gold to highlight the patterns of the material and his eyes. The printing extends to the arms and the outsides of the legs. This is all printed onto genuine LEGO pieces.


The hood is a custom mould, which is of very high quality and fits the LEGO head perfectly. He also comes with a gold crescent dart and 2 very good custom capes, 1 standard and the other in a moon shape crescent. There is also a second head and hair that comes with this minifigure, this head festures a double side print that represents Marc Spector, before and after a battle.

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Lunar Lad

Lunar Lad aka Steven Grant/Mr Knight, again has amazing laser printing to the torso, legs and head. This has all been printed onto all white genuine LEGO pieces and I have to say this minifigure is stunning, fairly simple printing but very clean, crisp and shows all the details needed including the creases to the front of the trousers. The head works perfectly as a mask with the crease across where the nose would be. He also comes with 2 batons and a double sided printed head and hair piece to represent Steven Grant


I love the worried look and scared expression on Stevens face prints.


Shamed Lunar God

Shamed Lunar God aka Khonshu, has again some amazing printing showing all the lines of the mummy style material wrapped around the torso and legs, again with printing around the sides of the legs and printed arms too and all printed onto genuine LEGO pieces. He comes with a custom cape, which has been cut to hang just like the one from the Disney+ show and a moon staff, which is a LEGO minifigure utensil.


The head, being a skull, is an actual LEGO piece from the Chima and has been recoloured to be plain white, there is also a clear minifigure head beneath to give it that “floating” look.



You can buy these all individually or as a pack of 3 “The Lunar Legion” from Firestar Toys with the following prices:

  • Lunar Vigilante £34.95
  • Lunar Lad £19.95
  • Shamed Lunar God £24.95

Or the Lunar Legion pack of all 3 plus 2 bonus tiles £69.95 saving £9.90.

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These custom minifigures are some of the best I have seen, the printing is amazing with detailing that is just as good, if not better, than LEGO’s own minifigures. The only difference is the way they are printed, laser as opposed to pad printing. If you are wondering, the way to tell the difference is that laser printing is slightly raised.

The custom capes are very good quality and must be made using the same, if not very similar quality material to what LEGO use and the custom hood is just brilliant, although not quite the same quality.

Overall if you want to have these minifigures for your collection or to add them to some moc scenes then I would 100% recommend these.

The price may seem quite expensive but they are made using genuine LEGO pieces, the printing is very high quality and the custom capes and hood are brilliant. You will not be disappointed.

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