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With the upcoming Marvel The Eternals movie LEGO have just released 4 brand new sets, this is the largest of the 4 sets coming in at £89.99 76156 Rise Of The Domo which features 1040 pieces, 3 builds and 6 minifigures (2 of which are exclusive to this set)

The set features The Eternals ship, The Domo, and 2 Deviants. Kro , The Mech style build, who is a Deviant Warlord, dictator and General and a Deviant dog type creature.

Box Art

As with a lot of LEGO sets box art, this is another great design and probably one of my favourites. The Eternals gold marking around the box are a nice touch to their suits, all the movie characters are in the top right corner and a line up of the minifigures at the bottom is featured as normal. What makes this box art, in my opinion, really great is the battle scene with the Domo coming down from space towards an erupting volcano, where the Eternals are fighting 2 Deviants.

The Minifigures

As this is the largest set we get the most minifigures, 6 in total and 2 being exclusive.  All these minfigures are really good, the printing to the torso and legs is really good and has some amazing details, the rear of the torsos are just as impressive as the front. They all have dual printed faces and cool hair pieces.

From left to right: Thena, Sersi, Phastos, Druig, Makkari, Ikaris (Phastos and Druig are exclusive to this set)

The Builds

There are 3 builds to this set and the first build is a small mech like build, as I like mechs this was fun for me to build. The build was simple but had some great pieces and colours with stickers on he arms, legs and chest. However the most impressive part was the head, which is one large moulded piece with a spectacular print on the front. The build is very flexible and looks great next to all my other Deviants from the other sets.

The second build is another Deviant, this time is the style of a dog. Again this is a fun little build with some nice elements including the pearlescent sword elements. The colour scheme is the same as the other Deviants and has several stickers, however the eyes are 2 printed pieces.  The final build is not as flexible as the mech build but none the less its still pretty good.

The largest build in this set is the “pizza” shaped spaceship, Domo. I did not know what to expect when building this ship but I was pleasantly surprised. The build was fun and had some interesting techniques. There are a fair few stickers, most of which are on the 2×2 round tiles, and some nice printed pieces too.

The final build may look like a pizza however the design and the colour is great. The ship opens up to reveal 4 separate compartments, each with details inside.


The compartment to the left contains a section where a small craft sits in, one of Gilgamesh’s flaming fists and a weapon rack on the folding down section.

The compartment to the right looks like a storage area, containing a gaming pad, 2 microphones, a metal detector, umbrella and crowbar and a chair, again on the folding down section there is a weapon rack.

To the front is the cockpit, which contains a printed 1×2 cheese slope and some stickers which look like the smae circles seen throughout the minifigures torsos and the ship itself.


The large central section looks like a place for the Eternals to gather, there are some nice gold elements including a sextant and a lantern. Several stickers on round tiles and a micro build of Arishem the celestial.

The overall build is pretty good and on the external of the ship there are 2 stud shooters and large printed round tiles, that have some beautiful printing.  Again we get some really nice pearlescent dishes and tiles which finish off the set perfectly.

My Thoughts

This is my favourite set out of the 4 new Eternal sets, it is a set that has several different building style with some beautiful elements and colours, even the stickers are great! You get 6 minifigures, 2 exclusive to this set. So if you are a minifigure or Marvel collector you will need to get this!

I would say that this is definitely worth the £89.99 price tag and I am happy to have it in my collection.

If you would like more details, please follow the link to my YouTube review.

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