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I for one love the new line up of 18+ sets that LEGO are producing and the Helmet line up has to be one of my favourite themes that have been added. Having built all 3 (at the time of writing) Star Wars Helmets I needed to build the Marvel Iron Man helmet!

Iron Man Helmet consists of 480 pieces and only 2 stickers and retails for £54.99


The Box Art

I really like the style of the boxes with these helmet sets, LEGO have done a very good job with this and it kind of resembles that of  Hasbro’s Black Series Star Wars actionfigures and helmets. This gives the box a very premium feel and makes the built set stand out clearly on the box and as these sets are 18+ we see the piece count, which is great if you want to work out that ppp (price per part) cost.

The Final Build

If you have built the Star Wars helmets you will know that the inside structure of each build is slightly different and this is no exception, the build is a lot different which helps with the shaping of the helmet and it has some very clever techniques. The stand is the same as the other builds, making displaying them together work very well and finished off with a printed plaque!

As this is Iron Man we expect the gold and red colouring and the colours used give the perfect finish, we get a lot of gold pieces which is really nice to get an I am pleased LEGO didn’t hold back, however there are a couple of pieces to watch out for, watch out for a few 1 x 2 and 1 x 3 plates (just above the eyes) that are actually tan coloured with one edge printed gold this is easily missed and put on the wrong way when building the visor.  In the picture below you can see the only 2 stickers in the set which are the eyes, these would have been amazing to have printed pieces but we will have to make do with stickers!


Looking at the side profile of the helmet we can see the ear pieces, these round 3×3 tiles are printed and they look really good, adding a nice touch to the finished build, these could of easily been stickers! The side profile shows off the shaping of the helmet really well and LEGO have done a great job with this.


The only real issues with this set is the jaw line, Iron Man looks like he has been on the chips! The jaw has been almost squared off and it just doesn’t quite look right. However just removing the jaw pieces it looks a lot better and I am sure that if you removed and changed this area it could and would look amazing!


Overall Thoughts

If you have already built the Star Wars helmets and are not quite sure about this helmet or if you love Marvel and are not sure about buying this set, I would say it is definitely worth picking up. If you can find it at a cheaper price then that makes it even better! Despite the issues with the jaw and the gold/tan pieces this is an awesome build and I really enjoyed it, all the helmets look mazing together and I cannot wait to add some more, new helmets, to these.

Its nice to see that LEGO are catering for the AFOLs with these buildable models that will not only appeal to LEGO collector but also Marvel and Iron Man fans.

If you want to check out my video review please follow the link and leave a comment to what you think of this set.

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