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There are many places to get your new and used LEGO. Some well known examples are Bricklink and eBay. But there’s more places you can hunt for a bargain. Vinted is a UK app where you can buy and sell goods, it has overtaken Depop as the UK’s biggest second-hand marketplace app due to the fact you don’t pay fees like on Depop or Ebay. It has over 50million downloads on Android alone. So, the question is, second-hand LEGO, is it worth it? Over the last month, we have purchased a few sealed sets & a few second-hand sets just […]

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BanthaToys here for an incredible early review of the 2024 LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack (75372) set which has only just been revealed. Four days on from finding the new 2024 Star Wars Battle Pack & our Instagram accounts inbox has still not stopped ringing. From the moment I saw it on the shelves, I dropped what I had in my hands and ran to the till. I was shaking while trying to pay with the wife laughing at me for acting like a child receiving their first ever LEGO set on Christmas day!    […]

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Set 10315, Tranquil Garden, is a must have for any home décor LEGO lover. We bought this week 1 back in August but with work, School holidays & home renovations to attend to this just got thrown in the big pile of unbuilt sets we have collecting in the house! Saying that, the minute we got a spare day it was the first one to be built! Even over the mountain of Star Wars sets we have. With the 1,363 pieces in this set you’re going to find yourself building a very similar base to the Bonsai Tree if you’ve […]

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BanthaToys here, we have built another LEGO Star Wars May The 4th GWP – Death Star II (40591)!   This is the one we were looking forward to the most when it came to getting our GWPs, although we feel it should come with a Minifigure, The Emperor or Darth Vader would have made fantastic editions to this set. Standing at 15cm tall, this small grey ball sits on top of a black stand with the new printed Return Of The Jedi 40th Anniversary plaque neatly attached. There are some neat little bits throughout the set that you won’t see until […]

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It’s May 1st and we queued this morning for over an hour to get inside our local LEGO store. With stores across the country opening early this morning, we got there at 9:30am to be greeted by around 30 people ahead of us! As an hour passes we finally get in and rush to the shelves to pick up some new sets (reviews on them coming soon) We have already had a closer look at the first promo, the X-Wing Polybag. So let’s have a closer look at the second promo – ‘THE RETURN OF THE JEDI 40TH COLLECTIBLE‘! When […]

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The LEGO May The 4th promotions are almost upon us, here is a better look at one of them, the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter (30654) polybag! This year the promotions have been under a lot of scrutiny from the online community. Are LEGO missing a trick this year after such a solid 2022 line up? Starting off at the lowest price point GWP (gift with purchase), we have the X-wing Starfighter (30654). This simple polybag will be yours with a spend of £35 or more on Star Wars set. Although it does tie in with this years UCS X-Wing, […]

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Today marks the release of the highly anticipated sequel to EA‘s 2019 Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor! Having played the new game for around 3 hours this morning, it’s made me have a look back at the first and only LEGO set based on Fallen Order. This set came out a few years after the game release but man, it was worth the wait! Cal Kestis’ trusty sidekick BD-1 stands at 31cm tall & despite it looking quite fragile is super sturdy. Its colour pallet is true to the games basic mechanics. Although a […]

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Hey guys, Bantha Toys here!  Last weekend we attended Star Wars Celebration 2023 in London for 4 crazy days of Star Wars goodness. 8am Friday morning we hit the long queues & pateiently waited until 10:30am to get inside the halls. First point of call? LEGO booth of course!! It took us 2 hours to actually get inside the booth due to crazy demand & unfortunately the WiFi going down (Thanks ExCel) meant no till system. If you’ve noticed LEGO are now solely dependent on their new Ipod system which has now replaced tills in most of its stores! Which […]

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