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BanthaToys here for an incredible early review of the 2024 LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack (75372) set which has only just been revealed.

Four days on from finding the new 2024 Star Wars Battle Pack & our Instagram accounts inbox has still not stopped ringing. From the moment I saw it on the shelves, I dropped what I had in my hands and ran to the till. I was shaking while trying to pay with the wife laughing at me for acting like a child receiving their first ever LEGO set on Christmas day! 


After throwing the photo on Instagram, our weekend went from Christmas shopping to replying to over 50 messages asking if it was available to purchase and how much.

The minute we got home, I did a quick live video. Our first and only video we will ever do I should add! We’re not the video type people at all, let’s leave that to the professionals.

This is probably the most anticipated battle pack of the last 5 plus years, the one we’ve been begging for, the one with NEW molded SUPER BATTLE DROIDS.

YES, we finally have Super Battle Droids that won’t snap when you do so much as breath on it. They are slimmer, more streamline and more sturdy. They are also near perfect but I do wish they had at least one with a ‘blaster‘ style arm that we’ve seen in the past, not just the generic basic arm.

We get 2 basic Battle Droids, ones we’ve had since the early 1800’s – They will never change.

The set comprises of 4 Clones and 1 Shock Trooper, which is absolutely stunning. The red is really vibrant – who doesn’t love colour-accented Clones?

3 basic white Phase 2 Clones which are a dream considering we haven’t seen them in about 9/10 years. It’s not a big deal to some but I absolutely despise helmet holes. They aren’t needed in 90% of Clones, is it cost thing? Is it lazy thing? We will never know.

The speeder is the most basic of builds. It could have been in 4+ set. The Clones sit, not well but they sit. The colour of the speeder is nice, they kept it true to the original art which is something, I just wish it wasn’t so basic. The 501st battle pack from 2020 also had a speeder, yet it was miles ahead of this.



The battle station / gun turret is my biggest problem with this set. It’s poor, beyond poor and feels rushed and unfinished, like they had an intern or temp design it. They had so much more potential but unfortunately this is where is falls short.

The Octuptarra is the highlight of the builds, again something Clone Wars fans have been asking for! The height of this is perfect, easily posable and holds 3 flick fire missiles.


It could be bulkier in my opinion, as the legs are very slim and basic but we have to remeber this is a battle pack and not a Octuptarra centric set!

This is an absolute must have for any LEGO Star Wars army builder and I expect this to sell out on most shelves day one. For the £25/£30 price tag you can’t moan with the amount you get in the box, especially compared to other sets released recently!

We give this a rating of 8.5 out of 10.


LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack (75372)


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