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BanthaToys here, we have built another LEGO Star Wars May The 4th GWP – Death Star II (40591)!


This is the one we were looking forward to the most when it came to getting our GWPs, although we feel it should come with a Minifigure, The Emperor or Darth Vader would have made fantastic editions to this set.

Standing at 15cm tall, this small grey ball sits on top of a black stand with the new printed Return Of The Jedi 40th Anniversary plaque neatly attached.

There are some neat little bits throughout the set that you won’t see until being built.

Hidden inside you’ll find some easter eggs – the first one being a scene from the final duel which shows off Luke, Vader & The Emperor in stud form, which is really nice to see. Secondly while building the Death Star II you see the middle component of the build is actually blue which is supposed to be the reactor!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a set.

The reactor beam which sits on top of the set doesn’t look bad from afar but up close, and if you’re picky like us, you’ll notice there are 4 different green pieces used to build it. Maybe it was suppose to be a gradient of green to show the Beam in full use? Maybe they just didn’t have the right colours in the right parts to do it? Either way this does wind us up a bit.

The shell of the Death Star II looks solid, the use of rounded bricks to smooth off the middle is very smart. The ‘unbuilt‘ part of the Death Star II looks near perfect, with all of the bricks sticking out it really does give it that unfinished look which we see in the movies.

The set itself isn’t very sturdy and feels quite fragile, somehow it actually feels more like a MOC than a real LEGO set. Some of the instructions don’t feel in the right order so as you’re adding one part, another pops off!

Luckily this is a display piece and not a playset.

The threshold for this set was £130 which isn’t all bad. Although it definitely would have benefitted from including the Minifigure or being slightly bigger.

Thank you for reading our review of the LEGO Star Wars Death Star II (40591) GWP.



LEGO Star Wars Death Star II (40591)


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