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Set 10315, Tranquil Garden, is a must have for any home décor LEGO lover.

We bought this week 1 back in August but with work, School holidays & home renovations to attend to this just got thrown in the big pile of unbuilt sets we have collecting in the house! Saying that, the minute we got a spare day it was the first one to be built! Even over the mountain of Star Wars sets we have.

With the 1,363 pieces in this set you’re going to find yourself building a very similar base to the Bonsai Tree if you’ve already built that. This is much bigger though, with the base holding out at 32cm wide compared to the Bonsai Tree at 20cm.


Each Tree, Blossom or pine – is interchangeable. Maxed out for full customisation and to help you create your own perfect Zen garden. Having said that, it’s actually its only downfall. As moving trees can block some of the main features of the build.

You’ll find a few nice touches like the Koi fish that are printed tiles not stickers. Green tea / Macha tea set within the main building.

(Also did you spot the little white slippers by the doorway? It took us a while to figure out what they were!!)

& ofcourse, Little lotus flowers that sit on the water.

We loved the little Red bridge but it took a while for it to sit right. We had the same problem on the Star Wars Luke’s Red Five Helmet, those tubes are not exactly the best pieces! They just seem to ping off at the slightest of movements.

This set is going to set you back a massive £94.99. Which for a large decorative pieces doesn’t seem that bad! It’s meant to be displayed with love and elegance and definitely a gravitational point of everyone in the room!

We managed to use all our VIP points with some left over to get this so it didn’t cost us a penny which makes the set even more lovable! Who doesn’t love a freebie!!!

Solid 8.5/10 for us!!


LEGO Icons Tranquil Garden (10315)


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