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Hey guys, Bantha Toys here! 

Last weekend we attended Star Wars Celebration 2023 in London for 4 crazy days of Star Wars goodness. 8am Friday morning we hit the long queues & pateiently waited until 10:30am to get inside the halls.

First point of call? LEGO booth of course!!

It took us 2 hours to actually get inside the booth due to crazy demand & unfortunately the WiFi going down (Thanks ExCel) meant no till system. If you’ve noticed LEGO are now solely dependent on their new Ipod system which has now replaced tills in most of its stores! Which is great until the WiFi shuts everyone out.

Inside we weren’t treated to alot of choice. A few smaller ships, a lot of keychains, online exclusive plush & of course the new Endor Brickheadz.


Retailing at £39.99, it comes with 3 regular sized Brickheadz (Luke, Leia, Lando) & 2 smaller Brickheadz (Wicket & R2).

These are absolutely stunning side by side. The novelty pink brick flows throughout the inside of the set like most Brickheadz & Helmets. Also no stickers which is absolutely fantastic, printed bricks are included in all the characters.

I do however wish they had split the set up though & included a Scout Trooper or C3P0 to round off a great section of the film!

With spending £39.99 we were treated to an exclusive SWCE23 LEGO Tile that was limited to 3000. Some people were only queueing for that and reselling very quickly on Ebay for upto £120! Which is crazy.

What’s your opinion on the Brickheadz? Will you pick them up on release day?

Thanks for reading!!

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