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It’s May 1st and we queued this morning for over an hour to get inside our local LEGO store.

With stores across the country opening early this morning, we got there at 9:30am to be greeted by around 30 people ahead of us! As an hour passes we finally get in and rush to the shelves to pick up some new sets (reviews on them coming soon)

We have already had a closer look at the first promo, the X-Wing Polybag. So let’s have a closer look at the second promo – ‘THE RETURN OF THE JEDI 40TH COLLECTIBLE‘!

When this was revealed, we along with alot of others, were skeptical, it’s not LEGO. Yes it has the LEGO logo on it but it’s nothing to do with LEGO. It’s not a brick, keychain, Minifigure – it’s a plastic card & metal coin.

Last year we had something similar in the Beskar Keychain, but that felt right with season 2 of The Mandalorian hitting our screens.

Now having it in hand, our minds have slightly changed, this is actually pretty cool. The plastic card is a pranslucent polycarbonate ‘Data Disk‘ with the Death Star II in the center of it.
Along with some 1×1 bricks in the background to fill it out. The card can be displayed in the packaging, by simply folding down the box and using a piece of card to prop up the inside filler.

The second part of the gift is the coin, which is slightly larger than expected also super weighted.
The coin shows off the Death Star II on one side. On the back nothing fancy, simple & aesthetic with the typical Star Wars & LEGO logos on it.

One cool thing about this is that having the coin displayed underneath the Polycarbonate Data Disk, is that it makes a really cool schematic. It just looks fantastic when lined up correctly.

As much as this is a very nice display piece, we will be making our own makeshift display stand at some point for this out of bricks or maybe a comic book display stand. As this one just feels abit blocky and very fragile as its only made with thin card.

For a free gift after spending £80, this may feel like a kick in the teeth for some fans. Most of us would have wanted a minifigure of some sort or a better polybag. It’s hit and miss for alot of people and it will come down to personal preference, but we do believe once you have it in hand you’ll change your mind!

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