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The announcement of the upcoming LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327) has been welcomed by most AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) with open arms, and I must say it does look spectacular!

Recently the original LEGO Ideas creator, Steve Guinness (a.k.a The Brick Consultant) has expanded on his idea by putting together a ‘mini’ version of it.

Steve Guinness’ Mini Typewriter

I’m a sucker for anything recreated in miniature form, from vehicles to modulars, everything looks cool scaled-down. Combine it with almost being Minifigure scale and this mini Typewriter is perfect!

Steve hasn’t stopped at just one either and has created multiple versions, showing that you can pull parts from your spares to make these, and in any colour combination. If you don’t have a Sand Green Sausage, use a standard one and make the mini Typewriter red instead!

Lots of designs to choose from.

The parts required are surprisingly minimal and won’t cost a lot to source, if you don’t carry any spares of course. There is a handy parts list that is laid out in a clear and helpful way, check it out below along with the full instructions.

Parts list:

Handy parts list.


Please head over to Steve’s Instagram account, @thebrickconsultant. Don’t forget to support him by liking, commenting, and following!

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