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The LEGO Carousel Ride (40714) is a set that has passed many fans by, it could have been due to the other bigger sets released in March or perhaps it’s not a very appealing build, who knows. I personally wanted it to expand the Fair Ground area in my new City!

A bit about the set, it comprises of 232 pieces and retails for £21.99. The box is generic and doesn’t suggest it belongs to a specific theme, rather a LEGO store exclusive style. For the price and parts on offer it’s a nice collection of bits, with 2×4 rounded tiles, a 16×16 plate and 3 Minifigures.

Inside the box you’ll find the usual things, numbered bags, instruction manual and a small sticker sheet. There are 5 stickers in total, all similar in style but with a key different, the little emblem in the middle. There is also a ‘Carousel‘ labelled one, this one sits on top of the small ticket booth at the front of the set. There are also two plates that come unbagged, a 16×16 dark tan plate and a 10×10 dark blue hexagon one.

Bag 1 adds a considerable amount of parts, starting with the baseplate we begin with laying down the foundations. Curved bricks and tiles for the rides edges, two cogs that will eventually turn the Carousel followed by some fence elements that are brand new recolours for this set, there’s also a place to lean a brush and hammer.

Bag 2 builds upon the base with the spinning platform and the individual ride seats, which including cute micro versions of a Swan, Pirate Ship, Whale and a Firetruck. A lamppost is also added with a little blue Bird in top.

Bag 3 finishes off the build, it’s made up mostly of the roof and those tiles and stickers we mentioned earlier. Also added here is the small ticket booth, it lacks a lot of parts but for a side build it’s fine, the booth doesn’t really play a big part in the set and could have easily been left off.

Perhaps the star of the set is the Banana Peel, it’s a great addition and one that has only appeared jn a few sets before. It’ll definitely come in handy for MOCs and Scenes jn the future!

The colours and parts used in the set are great, consisting of many blue and red, with hints of yellow, it really works and looks like Carousel Rides I’ve seen in real-life. Turning the smaller Azure coloured cog, that pokes out on the right (see above image), makes the whole Carousel turn, it’s great fin and one I’ll surely motorise when I get around to it, add next to the LEGO 3-in-1 Ferris Wheel and you have the start of a Fair Ground, cool!

The Minifigures included are awesome too and come with some nicely designed and printed torsos. Sadly the two Kid figures have the solid small legs that nobody honest likes, we’d prefer the short posable legs please LEGO. That being said it does make sense as the seats on the ride as 1×2 so it makes sense to keep them standing.

The torso are great and include a rather cute Raccoon design, which has only ever been seen once before in a much more expensive set, LEGO Downtown Set (60380). The other two torsos have appeared in many past sets and are a lot less sought-after, but none the less are still nice prints.

Overall this small set packs a lot in, from the 3 Minifigures to the mechanical element of the cogs. If you have a City or a Park area then I would highly recommend it. It’s basic and in places sparse but for a build that’s fully contained on a 16×16 plate it’s fine. 

To watch this set being built please head over to our Instagram channel where I live streamed the whole thing, it do this every Thursday evening soale sure to follow and never miss one again. It’s great fun and the banter/chat is LEGO related and amongst like-minded fans. Thank you for reading this short but sweet review of the LEGO Carousel Ride (40714) set, we hope you enjoyed it. Please let us know via the comments section below if you have this set and what you thought of it, we love hearing from you.


LEGO Carousel Ride (40714)



The Box 7.9
The Build 8
The Minifigures 9.2
The Cost (£21.99) 8.4
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