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As LEGO freebies go, or more precisely GWP (gift with purchase), this particular one has more or less gone undetected and therefore not as popular as others. Granted it’s not an actual LEGO set, with no bricks or Minifigures in sight, but it has other qualities that make it worth having!

Like many AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) I enjoy a good cup of coffee, and sometimes a proper British builders tea, whilst building especially. My cupboard is jam packed with random mugs and adding another one isn’t ideal, but this isn’t any ordinary mug, it’s not even an ordinary coffee mug, it has the LEGO logo on it which makes it sacred, the LEGO ‘holy grial‘ if you will.

As part of the review I should probably test it to see if it actually holds liquid and keeps it warm for slightly longer, but I don’t want to, I want it unused and in pristine condition. It’ll sit in the original box it came in, wrapped up safe & sound in buddle wrap and put into storage, I know I know ‘how dare you’ I hear you cry, but somethings shouldn’t be used – and this is one of them.

It’s made of aluminium, or some sort of light metal, and is white in the outside and bare metal inside. The print on one front features the FRIENDS gang in Minifigure form and are taken straight from the LEGO FRIENDS Central Perk set. Perhaps including the Central Perk logo would of worked a little better, being a coffee mug!

On the other side you’ll findboth the LEGO and FRIENDS logo and a domain name. Not really much to see but it looks pretty from either side and you can show-off to your fellow AFOLs at anytime. 

The part that impresses me is the lid, it’s clean plastic with a drinking hole, pretty standard for a coffee mug I guess but it just works so well. Most reusable takeaway cups you get have this weird opening that is either too far back and coffee floods all over the place, too deep so your mouth can’t even reach it, or too small and you have to suck the coffee out. This lid is perfect and works everytime and as intended!

Although I wouldn’t want to use this as a takeaway cup out & about as tight as the lid is there isn’t any latch or screw mechanism to ensure no leakage, oh and the drinking hole is left wide open – definitely a stay at home cup.

Overall a GWP that would be best suited to keeping in the box and put into storage to see if the value creeps up. I don’t usually suggest this as I’m an ‘open & build‘ type of guy, after all that’s what LEGO is for, granted there are some rare sets and Minifigures that do require keeping pristine and saved for a rainy day fund.

To qualify for this GWP you’ll need to purchase the older LEGO FRIENDS Central Perk set. If you’re like me and already have it try emailing customer services and ask extremely nicely, you may get lucky!


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