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Modulars, I have a thing for modulars & facades and rightly so, they make wonderful LEGO sets, look good sat in a row and cityscape and are packed with tons of detail.

This week’s LEGO Ideas Feature is, yep you guessed it, another modular – The Village Post Office by Bricked1980!

The Village Post Office represents a slice of rural village life and is set during the early 1930’s

As quaint village Post Offices go this has got to be the most impressive, not only for its very pleasing look but also for the amount of detail, Minifigures, vintage post van build!

Let’s start by looking at this product idea from the front, and work our way around from there,

Situated on the corner is an iconic traditional red telephone box, it’s looks well designed and built and would fit a Minifigure in there no problem, it’s actually nice to see one at a decent, smaller, size as most MOCs are bulky and look out of place, not here though.

Walking further around the corner and along the lovely cobblestone path we pass an old twin-light lamppost and a very effective iron fence. I love it when creators use elements in a totally new & surprising way, the ski poles work so well as forged Iron railings.


In the opposite corner you’ll find a vintage red post box, it has the iconic shape spot-on which it’s done in a very interesting way with the use of a red cog and matching wheel piece.

Next to that is a tree in full bloom, let’s hope that it’s more sturdier than the LEGO Bookshop Birch tree! There is a staircase that runs up the side of the building which is very nice to see as it frees up space inside. The creator used more ski poles here and again they look absolutely amazing running up the side of the stairs. At the top is another red door, which leads to the first floor.

Heading inside the Post Office itself we a very nice wooden panelled floor, a wrapping station on the right, and the office clerk behind the counter ready to help on the left.

The model has an open back to give access to all the details inside.

The wrapping station features a roll of brown paper, scissors, and a stack of white envelopes – everything you need to get your special parcel ready for sending.

I particularly like the main counter area, it features a vast array of instruments from weighing scales and envelopes to packing paper and a franking machine. The well thought of pigeon-hole are a great touch and work really well, a perfect fit for all those letters!

Upstairs is where the Post Office owners reside, it features the same quaint style as the rest of the set and hosts a plethora of furniture, accessories, and more inside the apartment.

I’ve included a cosy fireplace, a kitchen (complete with an old fashioned range cooker), a bed, table and an antique gramophone.

The fireplace is one of my favourite parts to look at in this room, it’s so detailed and actually looks like a fireplace, it’s scale is fantastic.

The cooker, which is based on an old fashioned stove, also looks great and again adds to the overall feel of the set. Everytime I look at this set I notice something new, again there is so much going on it just keeps on giving.

It’s a self contained apartment where everything is in one room, the small kitchen and dining table is next to the bed, and the fireplace is next to that, it’s perfect for the married owners and their Post office business.

There is a side build in the form of the Postman’s van and it features the name ‘Brick Post‘, I love the fact it has its very own brand name on the side and a logo to match, the creator has amazing taste and knows how to choose great name *wink wink*. 

The van is red with black accents and looks as though it’s based on a 1930s Morris Minor Postal van, and I love it! With a surge of vintage style vehicles from LEGO lately this makes perfect sense, we need more classic automobiles to add to the growing collection and this van would proudly sit amongst them.

The vintage red mail van features opening doors in the cab and back doors that can be opened and loaded up with mail.

It comes complete with four Minifigures, the two Owners, a Customer, and of course the Postie.

They all look good in the current setting and match somewhat to the sets overall theme and era. The owners sport soft colours and look ready for work. The customer is wearing sports top by the looks of it and it out for a sunny afternoon walk. In his uniform the Postman is hard at work delivering letters and parcels to the villagers, heis uniform consists of a dark blue suit, red tie, satchel, and postal bag.

Overall the product idea is incredible and should of been made into a set a long time ago. Its packed with an insane amount of detail and era accurate aesthetics, one part the also stands out is the design of the roof, mostly implementing 1×1 cylinder bricks, it is very easy on the eyes and works a treat!

Well done to Bricked1980, you must be very pleased and chuffed with your creation and we wish you all the best on your journey to 10k!

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  1. This is an amazing submission, so many details! It looks amazing/1 Lets hope this gests to 10k! Good luck Bricked1980

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