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There are many ways to enjoy LEGO bricks. Some AFOLs (adult fan of LEGO) love to build sets, others will only build their own creations. Most of us however will be somewhere in between. The big disadvantage of building sets is that it can make the hobby really expensive. MOC (my own creation) building on the other hand can be quite intimidating if you’re just starting with it. 

Luckily a lot of talented builders share their designs on sites like Rebrickable. Some of these instructions, others are sold by the creators. This way you can build interesting designs using the parts you have or just ordering the parts you’re missing. Recently I tried a few of these, in this blog I will ‘review’ one of those. Of course it’s rather unfair to judge these builds in a similar fashion to commercially available sets, therefore I won’t grade this build. 

LEGO Goat BrickHeadz MOC By MonstarJDC

For this build, I had to make a few (color) changes because some rare parts are used which I didn’t have. But most of the parts used are rather common which meant it was rather easy to find the needed parts in my collection.

The build is very similar to most Brickheadz, although the hinges for the hind legs are a small detail that gives it some uniqueness. Also there’s an adjustment in the way the head is structured so the horns can be connected. This makes the connection of the plate on the side a bit more fragile though. The new 1×1 SNOT (studs no on top) plate introduced in the recent Speed Champions sets might prove a good way to strengthen the build. Unfortunately I don’t have this part yet so I couldn’t test this. The goat is full of texture and both the goatee and cheeks are done in a way that gives the model a rather cute appearance. 

LEGO Goat BrickHeadz MOC By MonstarJDC

The head is completed using plates, cheese slopes and quarter tiles to give some variation and detail. Once completed there’s a choice how to finish the mouth. Options are a plain closed one or open mouth chewing on greens. Those greens depicted are a rather fun detail. Instead of grass this goat is chewing money tiles, no doubt in reference to how expensive original LEGO goats are. The parts for the closed mouth were not included in the parts list. When I ran out of parts there were some pages in the instructions left, which turned out to be this alternate option. So if you want to build this goat you might want to check this when you’re getting your parts together. 

LEGO Goat BrickHeadz MOC By MonstarJDC


 I really like this build. It has really interesting textures and looks really nice once completed. I appreciate the sense of humor the creator put into the chewing goat and building something different from my regular builds was a lot of fun as well. Being able to build this from my own parts collection is a nice bonus but even if you don’t have all the parts, I’d still recommend any goat loving AFOL to have a look at this creation and get the missing parts together via your preferred bricks service. Happy building!

You can find the part list and download the instructions for free here:


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