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Regular readers will remember I recently reviewed set 76096 Superman and Krypto team up. Up for review today we have something of a companion piece to that particular set, as it also contains another canine companion for the included hero. This time around, its Ace the Bat Hound that’s included, alongside the Dark Knight himself. Let’s take a look…

This 155 piece set was released back in 2018 and is officially retired, although still in plentiful supply at most retailers. Apart from Batman himself along with Ace. The set contains 2 Talon assassins, and a massive Tricylcle vehicle.

The box art shows Batman riding the Trike into battle against the included villains while his faithful companion runs alongside.
As usual, the back of the box shows another action scene, as well as displaying what’s actually included within.
The contents too, is pretty standard fare for a sub £20 set. 2 numbered bags, a small sticker sheet and an instruction booklet.
Included in the first bag are these Bat symbol accessories in gold plastic. Some of these attach to the trike and others can be held by the minifigures, these style of pieces are included in many of the newer Batman themed sets.

Batman and Ace are contained in bag 1. Ace himself is similarly styled to the previous mentioned Krypto fig.

He comes with his own adorable mini cape, and a much more serious looking head sculpt complete with Bat logo collar.
Again this is a massive selling point for this set as Ace is an exclusive here. Any Batman fan or collector needs this canine hero for their collection. Here he is alongside Krypto. The body piece is the same.
Next up is Batman, possibly the character that’s been included in more LEGO sets than any other.
Thankfully the designers have given us something a bit different this time. Another exclusive, we get an armoured variant for the masked crime fighter. He has a combined chest and shoulder cover in a dark grey. On the back of this are a pair of clips where Batman can store the included Batarangs.
Unfortunately, the chest plate and cowl end up obscuring some of the better details of this minifig. Removing the cowl reveals the excellent fully visored head print.
This is a very nicely done piece which would have been great as is, but there is also an an excellently detailed back print giving us a battle damaged alternative.

This is an fantastic minifigure. I never expected another Batman to impress me this much. I have also removed the pauldrons here so you can see the detail on the chest and leg print.

The rest of bag 1 builds the core of the trike. It was here I realised just how big this thing was actually going to be.

The included gold bat accessories can be wielded by the minifigures. Even Ace can carry one in his paw. I particularly like the shield piece Batman can hold.

On to bag 2 which includes the 2 bad guys for this set. Here we get the LEGO debut of the Talons.  These generically altered, reanimated assassins are the servants of the Court of Owls. A fairly recent addition to the Batman mythos, and a great addition to this set.

Although the minifigs themselves are identical, we do at least get some variation in their weapons. A pair of gold swords for one, and golden claws for the other. My set also had an extra of each weapon.

These are very nicely detailed minifigs yet again. Being dressed in mostly black. These could have been boring but the gold trimmed mask, and bandolier packed with throwing knives make these guys a great representation of their comic book counterparts.

The bandolier continues around the back where we get a minimal print on the mask and torso. Arms, legs and hands are all in plain black. The sword carrying Talon also includes a double sheath to store his weapons.

On to the vehicle now which forms the rest of the build from bag 2. Built mostly in black (of course) with some grey and silver detailing. It’s an impressive vehicle but is bigger than some of the Batmobiles I’ve built.


There are 2 angled exhausts on either side of the single back wheel. We can attach more of the gold bat logo pieces on both of the front wheels as well as the front of the trike itself. One of the stickers adorns the black sloped front.

2 more of the gold Bat pieces can be stored in clips on the left side of the vehicle, along with a double stud shooter. There is a handlebar for the rider and a stickered instrument panel.

The right side is less detailed, but the platform on the side has space enough for Ace to ride on.


There isn’t a dedicated seat unfortunately, so Batman can sit or stand on a pair of studs. He looks better stood up I think.

So another solid addition to the LEGO Superheroes line, all the minifigures are exclusive to this set and really nice, and Ace especially is a very desirable figure.

The extra wide vehicle fits across both lanes of a standard LEGO road plate. I would have personally rather it was a smaller Trike and the set had included an additional small build. But I can see this set would have a lot of play value for a younger LEGO fan. Despite being recommend for ages 7-12, I can’t see any slightly younger builders having much trouble with anything here.

The RRP of this set is £19.99 but it can be found for cheaper as it approaches the end of its shelf life.

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