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The DC Super Heroes line from LEGO has been one of it’s most popular and long running licensed themes, built primarily off the eternal popularity of Batman, LEGO have also a done a great job of bringing the other costumed heroes from the various worlds of DC to minifig form.

The set I’m reviewing today is 76096 – ‘Superman and Krypto team-up’. It was originally released back in 2018 and is officially retired, but can still be found for retail price from some online sellers at the time of writing. It comprises 199 pieces and comes with 2 minifigs (and one Super pet!) And has a RRP of £19.99.

The packaging shows all the included characters and the finished build, which consists of a Kryptonite prison to hold Superman and Lobo’s Spacehog (which makes up the bulk of the build)

Despite DC being the house that Batman built, we get Justice League branding here, and a rare set that doesn’t feature yet another version of the caped crusader.

The rear of the box continues with nicely advertising the contents. We get some bright box outs showing off the play features of the set and a different action shot showing off the finished model. The set itself contains 2 numbered parts bags, a single instruction book and a small sheet of just 4 stickers.

Bag 1 contains Superman and Krypto. Superman himself looks similar to any of the versions of the Man of Steel we’ve gotten over the years. Though this is the newest version of Superman I own so this is my first time encountering him with this updated hair piece rather than his trademark Spit Curl.

He’s nicely printed as usual in his traditional iconic costume, he comes with a cloth red Cape and alternate grinning and laser eyes face prints.

Next up is Krypto. Though there have been multiple comic book iterations of Superman’s loyal pet over the years, he is usually portrayed as a Kryptonian dog with heightened intelligence and all of Superman’s powers.

This is a totally unique figure and exclusive to this set. Krypto is adorable with his little red Cape and yellow collar depicting the iconic Superman logo on his tag. If you’re a minifig collector, this little guy almost justifies the cost of the set all by himself.

The rest of bag 1 contains a Kryptonite ‘prison’ or trap to hold Superman. This is a small build that uses mainly black and green parts including 2 large trans green canopy pieces that encompass the prisoner. The 2 outward facing green control panels are the first stickers to be applied. There is a simple action feature where a section of Lobo’s hog can be used spring the trap apart, freeing the Man of Steel from within.

Also in the first bag is the base section of what will be the space hog itself. Along with various ‘Power burst’ pieces for added play value.

On to bag 2 now, which contains the rest of the Spacehog build as well as Lobo himself. Often depicted as an anti-hero ‘The Main Man’ (as he refers to himself) is an intergalactic Bounty Hunter, who’s questionable morality has led him to butt heads with Superman more than once over the years, making him a good pick for inclusion here. His excellently detailed, exclusive minifig features a long black hair piece over a pale white head with alternate grinning and concerned face prints. Both faces feature stubble as well as Lobo’s distinctive black markings around his red eyes.

He wears a black sleeveless biker jacket, has a chain necklace and skull belt buckle printed on his torso and wears black gloves. Lobo has plain black legs and carries what appears to be a fuel cannister. The back of his jacket features a print of a winged minifig skull and the nickname ‘The Main Man’. This image is unfortunately mostly covered by the long hair when it’s in place.

The Spacehog itself is an impressively large (maybe too large) build in mostly black with some gold, white and dark grey elements for contrast. The vehicle consists of an oversize central chassis that seats it’s Rider, there is a handlebar piece for the seat as well as dual mounted stud launchers with trans green studs. There are additional engines on either side where you can attach the Power Burst pieces to simulate boosters. My favourite part of the hog however, is the front scoop. This stickered, white skull really makes Lobo’s ride an intimidating sight.

As impressive as the hog is, It really is way bigger than I would have expected. If Lobo had been done as a bigfig I would have understood, but the minifig looks lost atop this vehicle. Ideally, it should have been around the same size as the Star Wars speeder bikes, and it feels like this was overbuilt so the designer could reach a higher piece count.

Other than that though, this is a very fun set. The 2 exclusive and desirable characters included here are a must for DC fans, or minifig collectors in general, and despite it’s size, the Spacehog is a fun build.

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