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This book has been a long time coming as we first heard about it at the beginning of the Year. We reported that LEGO and DK would release an updated edition of the widely popular Visual History books, which showcases most of the Minifigures LEGO have produced over the Years.

Front cover

Preorders came out pretty soon after that via Amazon, retailing at £30 each isn’t too bad. I managed to find a preorder a month or two later, around May time, for half the price, £15! We mentioned it in an episode of our Podcast to let you all know there was a fantastic deal to be had.

Four long months later I finally received the book, and let me tell you it is a beast. With 256 pages and Minifigure box combined it measures 260 x 306 x 38mm, perfect to sit and display on a coffee table.

Perfect for display on any coffee table.

The front cover is very inviting with the brightly coloured Minifigures floating around a giant Spaceman, an Orange Spaceman to be exact! Just one of the main reasons to grab this excellent book, the exclusive Minifigure!

Introducing the exclusive Orange Spaceman!

Being an avid LEGO Minifigure collector, I just had to have this one and add it to my ever growing collection of over 400 Minifigures. He’ll also sit nicely with his Space chums from last Year, Benny Lenny, Kenny, and Jenny! I really hope this new tradition continues and we get a different brightly coloured Spaceman every Year. An official Green one would be nice, with the classic style helmet of course.

Benny and the gang

The Minifigure itself is just as great as I expected it to be and the orange colour really pops. The classic Space logo is printed well too. There were concerns that the helmet piece was going to appear rough and dimpled, as the early images of this product pictured the Minifigure in a prototype-esque way. I am happy to report that isn’t the case and the finished Spaceman looks absolutely stunning!

Meeting the new guy

Onto the main event, the book.

Like I mentioned above it makes for a fantastic display piece and is perfect for sitting on your coffee table ready for guests to pick it up, flick through, and talk about.

It covers the past five decades, starting at the 1970s, focusing on Minifigures from that particular era of LEGO. You open the book and are presented with the contents, even these two pages are fun and feature Minifigures.


Flicking through the book you get tons of images and facts related to a vast array of the Minifigures LEGO has produced over the Years. From what a Minifigure is to how one is made. It truly is a treasure trove of valuable information, there’s even a two page spread all about hats!


Being an 80s child, I jumped to my birth Year, 1984, to see what LEGO had released – I wasn’t disappointed!

I love everything LEGO Knights so this made my day finding these beauties were from the same Year, get in!


I personally have several books in this style, varying from LEGO Star Wars to LEGO DC, all with book exclusive Minifigures attached. I have a unique LEGO Star Wars book which came with two exclusive prints. So this new Minifigure Visual History guide will take its place alongside those and be used for reference and the occasional peruse with a cup of coffee or two.

Do you have this book, what are your thoughts on it? Comment below and let us know, you can even leave a short review!

Still looking for a place to purchase from? Check out the links below to a few different options (UK).

A Great Read:


Book Depository:


LEGO Minifigure A Visual History (2020)


Overall a superb read with bright and detailed images. From what a Minifigure is to how a one is made, there is information for everyone. Seperated into decades and Years, the book looks at select Minifigures throughout history, since the very first one from 1978! You also get an exclusive Minifigure, the Orange Spaceman. What an excellent addition to the Space family from last Years release of Benny's Space crew. Everytime you open the book you land on a gem, a fact, a memory, of your childhood. Even for new comers this book features ll you need to know about the most iconic part of LEGO, the humble Minifigure!


Book 9
Minifigure 10
Price 9.5
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