An informal chat about the upcoming LEGO releases. We also discuss and review sets, feature MOCs, and share what we’ve been up-to!

Join Greg & Dave, and the odd special guest or two, for a relaxing chit-chat all about LEGO – You may even learn something along the way!

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  1. Nice podcast again!

    I think a giant version of Wu from Ninjago would be awesome to build. The minifigure with his stick and hat is very aesthetic and i think it could be a lovely Lego build. Me myself i am not really a Ninjago fan but Wu is a nice character Lego created. The beard might be a challenge though on this larger scale but hey let’s give the Lego designers some homework 😉

    1. Hey Focus.Figr!
      Thank you for the comment and kind words. A Master Wu buildable figure would look pretty good, I’d be interested in how they would design nd build his hat 🤔 Good luck in the competition!

  2. Great episode! Not so sure I’m in on the HP buildable minifigs, but I would love to see a Lando in Desert Skiff buildable character.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi John, congratulations you’ve won a tile, please contact us either via email or our social media platforms.

  3. Awesome podcast!
    So much to talk about, Star Wars with a great set of promo’s and and awesome set of builds…
    So many nice sets still to come.
    Lego ideas is getting a bit crowded that’s for sure. But there is the bricklink backup for some of the sets that don’t make it so it’s not all doom and gloom. I do agree they should let them know why they can’t use the ideas due to liscencing etc. But then again they should do some of the stopping of the set at the upload stage because surely they know of some liscences they can’t get…
    I personally am only excited for one of the HP sets the snowy house one as it will go nicely in my winter part of my city haha.
    I want to see two big figs made first one being a bigger version of Ant-man which would look amazing in and Endgame MOC…
    Second big build fig would have to be Darth Vader.(Although I don’t know how they would do his helmet…)

    Again great podcast guy’s can’t wait for the next one.

    McBrick, (Stuart😂).

    1. Thanks McBrick! Some great points on LEGO Ideas mate, it definitely needs to change its just figuring out the best possible solution for everyone. The Bricklink scheme maybe a good option for the unsuccessful product ideas but it’s not great. We’ll just have to wait and see what the powers that be decide. Thanks again mate!

  4. Your Podcasts are always great.
    Every year I day: this year I don’t buy much Lego sets. But then Lego always releases new awesome sets and great ideas. They are getting better and better. Some say it’s getting expensive. But I think the sets get more details and so more parts so more money. I would like to have some classic big minifigures because I am not a huge fan of HP. For example : a classic space man, a pirate or knight. That’s an awesome thing. I wish you all the best. Stay safe and healthy

    1. I hear what you’re saying regarding the sets creeping up in price, you have to just pick & choose the sets you like and not worry about the others. Thank you for your suggestion about the buildable figures, I know Dave would love a classic Spaceman!

    2. Hi Tom, congratulations you’ve won a tile, please contact us either via email or our social media platforms.

  5. Great podcast episode.
    Personally I would love to see a large buildable figure of John Hammond from Jurassic Park played by the late great Richard Attenborough. It may seem like a bit of an odd choice, but I am probably rather biased for wanting something Jurassic related. However with John, one we haven’t really gotten any Jurassic Park sets, with only the gates and the raptor chase set, and both of those sets seem more like display pieces than play, so a buildable figure of none other than the creator of Jurassic Park seems like a great addition. For being one of the main characters from the first film, John has only been represented in Lego form in one set, being the gates, whereas the other three arguably main characters have been represented twice. Ellie and Alan in both the two sets, and Ian in the gates and in the bricktober pack. And what better for the second representation of John Hammond, being none other than a giant figure. Plus I think it would be rather cool to see Lego make his amber cane in a larger scale. Keep up the good work.

    1. Oh I like this suggestion, Jurassic Park has been a favourite of mine since first seeing in as a child in the Cinema! It would be a great way to commemorate his life, Richard Attenborough, and his most known character! Thank you for the kind comments regarding the Podcast, we really appreciate it.

      1. No problem, for my first time listening, I really enjoyed listening to it. And yeah, I was trying to think of a character who I’d like to see, who in my opinion hasn’t been appreciated as much as they should have by Lego.

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