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Following on from our review of the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet (76191), we’ve had the opportunity to enhance the set and add lights to each of the Infinity Stones! 

This is the first time purchasing and fitting a light kit of any kind and to my favourite set of the Year no less. The whole idea and decision was made easier by Mark, a.k.a @Brick_Beat, as he had previously built the Gauntlet and purchased the matching light kit.

To get you started we’re offering our readers a 20% off code, ‘thebrickpost20‘.

I’m going to focus on my thoughts and feelings surrounding the LeLightGo light kit rather than run you through the whole process of fitting them, although I will dive into how that went.

First off, the delivery, from placing the initial order to receiving the goods was approximately 12 working days, which isn’t too bad considering it comes all the way from China, it states on the website that it could take from 7 to 14 working days to arrive.

Full tracking is given which is always a nice feature to have, giving you the freedom to see where it has been and where it’s going whenever you want. I found that tracking the order through the website only returned basic information whereas entering the tracking code into a generic shipping website, for example returns a more detail list.

Packaging and numbered pouches

The light kit itself arrives comes nicely packaged in a LeLightGo branded cardboard box, inside that is a plastic box which clips shut and keeps the contents safe while in transit and storage. Thankfully there are numbered pouches inside perfect for helping you through the stages, unfortunately no physical copy of the instructions are included but these are easily found on the LeLightGo website, or alternatively follow @Brick_Beat’s handy Instagram Story guide here.

The implementation, which took me approximately an hour, went well although at times I did get a little frustrated, this was mainly due to them being made up of extremely small LEDs and thin wires, getting them to stay in place was my main issue, which resulted in me having to quickly place the LEGO part over the top and hoping for the best.

With the small LED and wire being wedged under a LEGO element you do get that particular bit raising up slightly, also there are a few sections of wiring visible but again once everything is attached you don’t even notice it.

Image courtesy of @Brick_Beat

Following the instruction guide, especially the one @Brick_Beat created, was simple, straightforward and well layed out.

Having now completed the light fitting I can sit back and fully appreciate them, they light up a darkened room pretty well just using the included battery pack. I’d happily have this on display throughout the day, even on when performing the occupational live stream!

Pride of place in my display

Would I recommend them? Yes, yes I would!

Once you’ve installed the light kit and forgotten about some of the more troublesome steps you can really appreciate not just the lights but the technology behind them, being incredibly small and complex little LEDs, circuit boards, and power functions you’d expect them to either not work, fall apart, or not be as bright – but I can honestly say this particular LeLightGo light kit is amazing!

From the packaging and presentation to the end result, it’s well worth the time you put into it. I would highly recommend giving LeLightGo a go and to get you started we have a 20% off code ‘thebrickpost20‘ for you to use.

Lit up like a Christmas Tree!

If you have installed a LeLightGo Light kit or any other branded one please share your experience with us, we are certainly open to giving others a try and we’d share our thoughts on them also when the opportunity a raises.

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