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When LEGO released the 18+ Bust and Helmet sets I was sceptical and thought I’d never like or even purchase them, but skip forward a few months to when I found the LEGO Marvel Iron Man Helmet 76165 (reviewed by Martin from BoomBrickz) on eBay for more than half off the RRP, I thought why not give it a go and oh boy am I glad I did, I absolutely love the final look and enjoyed the different techniques used in achieving the layers and curves of the helmet.

This spurred me onto picking up the LEGO DC Batman Cowl 76182 set, again cheaper than the RRP but this time from Amazon. I loved that too and being my favourite Superhero from DC made it an easy choice.

So with those two sets in mind I didn’t hesitate to pickup the latest 18+ set in the range, and although it’s not a bust or helmet build it looked interesting and comes from one of the biggest movie franchises in history, the Marvel Infinity Saga. 

It is of course the LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 76191 set, and wow is it awesome, I’d say it’s my favourite build of 2021, so far!

The box art is once again in the style of the 18+ sets and is actually quite fitting to this particular subject as it shows off the coloured Infinity Stones and bright gold pieces nicely.

On the front you get the usual information including set number (76191) and 590 piece count. Spin it around and you see the Gauntlet in the now infamous ‘snap‘ pose, which is the recommended way to display it, although there are other alternative finger configurations which we won’t go into here 😉

The measurements, 31.9cm tall, are also on the back, wedged between shots of Thanos elegantly showing off his new Gauntlet!

Flicking through the instruction manual you’ll find a two page spread  featuring more images of Thanos along with one of the LEGO Designers Carter Luce Baldwin. He explains that leaving the Infinity Stones until the end of the build was a design choice and gives us fans the feeling of ultimate power just like Thanos did – Great call!


Three numbered bags filled with black slopes, SNOT (studs not on top) elements, and a ton of shiny gold pieces make up the set and it’s hard to believe that 590 pieces are in these three bags.

Bag one:

Starting with bag one we make the base and the inner structure, to which we later clip the surrounding Gauntlet segments.

It’s pretty much standard practice now when it comes to these display stands in terms of their construction. You start by layering up plates and applying several black slope pieces which seems to hold it all together and somewhat steady. Followed by a central column with SNOT elements and clips jutting out here & there, again for later use.

Having a printed plaque plate is never going to get old and here it looks amazing, as design is simple and the print is crisp.

Bag two:

In the second bag we finally get our hands on some gold pieces, and when I say some I mean a ton!

Constructing all four sides of the wrist section we see the Gauntlet starting to take shape, with the two side sections being pretty much identical and easy enough to make I flew through these in next to no time at all. The front and back took a little longer but that’s to be expected as they both has more surface area to cover and tile over.

Some of the techniques here aren’t necessarily new or used that offen but are awesome to see done, like the overlapped and stepped gold shield pieces found on the two sides, such an easy part to recreate and it works so well too!

Bag three:

With the final bag we first build up the hand, starting with the palm, closely followed by the back of the hand making sure to leave studs clear for attaching the Infinity Stones to later.

Before that we meticulously make each finger and a thumb, that  consist of many clip hinges. Luckily enough, for us, they share the same construction techniques and so a pattern emerges, but don’t get carried away too much as that all changes when you get to the thumb!

When popping the parts together for the fingers I particularly liked the way each segment can’t be bent backwards on itself as the way they rest against each other stops that. The two pieces in question are often found in Vehicle builds to represent spoilers and engines/covers, but of course in gold.

The only down side to this set are two small addon builds that are essentially identical but reversed, and simply provide cover for an otherwise ugly exposed section around the wrist area. They easily move or twist if knocked and sometimes pop off the single clip holding each one on. Luckily it doesn’t really hinder the overall look, in fact it makes it a whole lot better, it’s just the ‘addon’ feel about them I don’t particularly like, sadly.

When it comes to the Infinity Stones they look as you’d expect rough gems would, and there isn’t anything special about them at first glimpse, but pop them on the Infinity Gauntlet one by one and you can feel the power surging, finally attaching the largest stone to the back of the hand. Be careful not to ‘snap‘ your fingers though!


Overall the look and feel of the LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 76191 set is stunning and the LEGO Designers have done a superb job in recreating one of the most formidable weapons known to the Avengers and the MCU!

From the display stand and the Gauntlets sides to the hand, palm and fingers, building this set was a joy, but once it’s together that’s just the beginning as you can now play around with different poses and finger arrangements. A friend of mine, Brick Beat, setup a shot of his Thor’s Hammer replica with the Infinity Gauntlet holding it, such a good idea and it worked really well.

There are endless possibilities with this set and I can’t wait to get experimenting with it!

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The set is available from Certified LEGO Stores and Online and retails for £59.99.

Let us know in the comments below what you thought of our review and whether you have this set, want it, or loahe it, we love hearing from you!


LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 76191



The Box 8.5
The Build 9.5
The Playability 10
The Cost (£59.99) 9
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