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Hi Everyone!

I’m Jake from Lets Build Lego and today I will be talking about my latest light kit installation. The light kit was purchased from Lelightgo a company I have used from the very start of my lego instagram account, I have found them to not only provide very reasonable priced light kits but also quick deliveries and fantastic customer service!. If you have yet to check them out be sure to, link can be found via Lets Build Lego profile or by checking out their Instagram @Lelightgo.

Now lets start talking about the Lego Delorean light kit! Lelightgo provide various version of the kit depending on your preference and budget, the versions available are as follows classic, classic remote, standard, standard remote and standard rc remote. The classic version consists of 5 bags. In those 5 bags you will have the white headlights, the blue lights that go round the rear wing of the car, across the roof and down the rear side of the other end, 1 white interior light, tail lights red and orange,  blue front bumper and 1 white rear licene plate light. Once turnt on the whole car will light up all at once!. If you was to purchase the classic version with the remote you’ll get the same lights but will be able to have additional fun by having either sections of the lights turn on or 1 light at a time turn on in sequence or have the lights flashing for fun effects.

The standard version has all the same lights as the classic plus more! With the standard you’ll be able to light up your wheels with a cool white light aswell as additional white lights in the rear sections from where the smoke would blow out. Standard version will consist of 7bags. Remote control will work the same as it does with the classic version.

Don’t forget you can also grab a sound kit to go with the standard version for that extra special effects. Each light kit comes with a AAA battery pack which will require 3 AAA batteries and a USB power cable to connect to the battery pack. The USB can also be plugged into a USB plug socket.

The lights are fairly simple to install based on my experience although some sets can be a little tricky, getting Into awkward sections but all the instructions can be found on click the menu and select user guide and just locate the light kit base on the set number.

I do have a video on my instagram of the standard lights installed, I will be posting close up photos aswell so be sure to check them out.

Prices of the versions are as follows:

  • Classic – £35.99
  • Classic remote – £46.99
  • Standard – £69.99
  • Standard remote – £79.99
  • Standard Rc sound – £103.99

Discount codes for Lelightgo can be used from the following instagram accounts, their codes will give you 20% off.

  • LetsBuildLego20
  • BrickBeat20
  • TheBrickPost20

Thank you for the taking the time to read my blog!

Your friend
Jake – Lets Build Lego

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