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The LEGO Star Wars magazines are always a highlight of mine, not only as a reader picking up the latest copy and finding out which characters will appear in the comic stories, or in fact the accompanying freebie, it’s actually sitting down to show and tell you what you’ll find within each issue!

Being the 68th issue you’d think by now that most stories and activities have been done to death already, and that would apply to the freebies – I can safely say that isn’t the case, and most likely never will be. I agree that most of the puzzles and games you’ll find on the pages contained within are indeed similar or based on the same premise, albeit with a few simple alterations.

You’ll find the usual mazes, wordsearch, and either a picture to colour or something you cut-out and craft.

This particular issue has something that I’ve not seen in a while, you’ll need to grab a few bricks from your personal collection, basically you need to build simple shapes in order to progress through the puzzle, which in my opinion is great and helps younger fans with joining bricks and learning new skills.

I most look forward to sharing the comic strip stories with my Son (5) who loves to learn more about Star Wars and LEGO combined. The first story focuses on the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader, and his new secret project, which, without saying to much and spoiling it, involves Vader with a camcorder and an hilarious set of events and hiccups. Definitely worth the read!

The second comic strip, located towards the second half of the Magazine, revolves around a small group of Mandalorians and what they get up to when they aren’t bounty hunting.

It’s so good to see that the Mandalorians are getting some sort of spotlight here, as apart from the hit TV show (The Mandalorian) and of course the infamous Boba Fett, Mandalorians are somewhat mysterious.

There are a couple of pages based on a random LEGO Star Wars set, that shares details, features, and Minifigures unique to that particular set. This issue sees the spotlight shine on a somewhat wildly disliked set, LEGO Star Wars Knights of Ren Transport Ship (75284). No having this set I can’t say but it does look reasonably well designed and the Minifigures are great. I don’t think I’d rush out to purchase it based on what I learnt here though.

My Son doesn’t usually bother with the activity on the back cover, over the last few issues there have been bedroom door signs or a pairs/matching game. This issue we get four Mandalorian and Grogu (The Child) postcards, which I must admit do look pretty decent.

My Son had the idea of writing short messages on each and sending them to his close friends, which he sadly can’t see or visit due to the current Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. I would like to think the LEGO had the very same thought process as my Son and with the lack of outside Human interaction included these postcards with that very purpose in mind, who knows, but thank you LEGO anhway for thos awesome idea!

The included freebie, which happens to be a Mandalorian, is also a welcomed addition and never before seen attached to a magazine.

Unfortunately the Minifigure isn’t exclusive in anyway as we have previously seen it in last Years LEGO Mandalorian Battle Pack. The only difference is that an actual Blaster piece is included, unlike the aforementioned Battle Pack and those hideous stud shooters!

The Minifigure itself is great and looks cool, with the helmet, torso, and leg printing. I really like the combination of colours used and makes for a more diverse collection of Mandalorians.

Looking at this purely from a price point of view it is considerably more then if you had purchased and split the Battle Pack, which retails at £12.99, when dividing the cost between the four Minifigures and small builds.

For parents looking to gift this to their child to expand their collection it’s a fantastic way to keep costs down if just the one Mandalorian Minifigure is required. Retailing at £3.99 it’s not going to break the bank as such.

As with every Mandalorian Minifigure the head piece is blank, because we all know a Mandalorian never shows their face!

With all that being said it is still a gorgeous addition to the ever growing collection and a truly welcomed freebie, it definitely beats receiving another Tie Fighter or Flame Trooper 😉

Thank you for taking the time to read our short review of the latest issue of LEGO Star Wars Magazine, it is much appreciated. Please leave your thoughts on this and more in the comments below. Why not give this set a quick reaction rating with our unique head emots, also situated below.



LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 68


Another great issue and addition to the LEGO Star Wars Magazine range. Filled with puzzles, a maze, build-a-long games, comics, and more.

The freebie is a Mandalorian Minifigure, which isn't an exclusive but very welcomed indeed. The inclusion of an actual Blaster gun piece is a nice touch and so much better than a stud shooter!

Overall a good issue and good for expanding the Mandalorian collection.


The Magazine 7.5
The Freebie 8
Cost (£3.99) 9

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  1. Hi, great review, thank you.

    Can anyone tell me what the extra bits of grey half circle pieces are that come with the mini figure in issue 68?

    1. Hi Jeff, that’s a very good question, they are spare visors and antenna parts which pop onto the helmet via the tiny holes either side. Give it a go, it’s personal preference if you like the on or off really 😁 Thanks for getting in touch!

      1. Brilliant thanks, it was the only place the visor piece could but not seen images anywhere of it used. Thanks again.

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