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In January 2021 LEGO released the next wave of Spider-Man sets and as Marvel is one of my favourite themes I have to buy these to add to my collection, even the 4+ sets make their way into my collection! What better way to start off my first article on The Brickpost then to review this cool little 4+ set.

76172 Spider-Man and Sandman Showdown features 45 pieces, 2 minifigures and retails for £8.99!

The first part of the set is a Spider-Man quad bike, which has 2 main pieces that fit together using 2 x technic pins in yellow which is quite unusual but a welcome change to the usual black pins we usually see. The build is very simple, has a nice flame coming from the rear and the best piece in this build is the 3×4 wedge with printed Spider-Man symbol, web pattern and eyes for headlights. This is what I really like about 4+ sets, no stickers!

There is a very small side build which makes this set very playable for chidrens, a round brick launcher, made from 7 pieces its simple but effective.

However by far the main reason to buy this set for adults and completionists is for the minifigures, this set includes the brand new for 2021 Spider-Man with printed arms. This Spider-Man may be included in 3 of the new sets, however this is the cheapest way to get this minifigure. The torso and head prints are from the previous minifigure but still look great. Also we get the exclusive to this set Sandman minifigure, with one sand colour arm and hand and a green torso, which looks like the jumper worn when he escaped prison, half the torso has an semi-transparent sand colour print showing the green jumper beneath and this is mirrored on the back. The head is a single printed face with a brown hair piece. The legs have been replaced with a really awesome looking sand pillar and swirl, this looks amazing and can be placed onto plates or bricks with ease.

We also get a large web piece that Spider-Man can use to “trap” Sandman. Overall for £8.99 this is a great little set to get for children and adults alike, children will have fun playing with this set and adults will be able to add 2 great minifigures to their collection!

If you would like to watch my review, please check my video below:

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