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It’s that time of the week again when I scour the LEGO Ideas website and choose a submission that grabs my attention, I must say that it is getting harder and harder each week to pick a favourite, there are just so many!

I try to mix it up a little and not focus on one particular theme or build style. The last couple of features have been modular and Cityscape related so I wanted something completely different to shine a spotlight onto.

Submission by DangerGirl1

Introducing Fish Tank Aquarium by DangerGirl1!

This aquarium was created from a love of sea-life and aquariums

With the recent LEGO Botanical range proving to be rather popular, there is an ever increasing presence of LEGO displayed around the home with brick-built flowers on the table and DOTS frames scattered here & there, so why not a LEGO Fish Tank?

This submission looks really well designed and it holds a plethora of brick-built aquatic life and forna, from a small shy crab and hidden Octopus to a scuba divers long lost stash – there is plenty to see.

The overall look of the tank is stunning, I really like the use of those 6×6 clear panels, and the curved pieces on the door flap is a very nice touch. Another well implemented feature is the door flap itself, it opens & closes just like a real life fish tank.

With the filter clipped on and proteu9from the back finishes the while build off to a very high level and would love to have this on display in my home, it would definitely be a talking point for guests.

The beautiful, clean design allows this set to easily be displayed and enjoyed as a focal point anywhere is your home.

Perhaps adding a touch of playability, a lever here, a knob there, or even a motor to make some of the tanks inhabitants move.

This is one fish tank that doesn’t require any cleaning out on a weekly basis, even feeding the fish isn’t needed. It may be a great option for younger fans to have in their bedrooms compared to an actual tank and be a starting point for them in having pets, albeit LEGO ones!

We absolutely love this idea and want to see this one succeed, by the time this article is posted it should of passed the 1000 supporters milestone, congratulations!

Good luck to DangerGirl1 and her submission, we wish you all the best in your LEGO Ideas journey!

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