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Today sees the latest release of the Special Edition Jurassic World magazine, issue 5.

Available from 12th February to 10th March.

The more popular magazines tend to sell out rather fast, compared to the City/Friends ones. If you’re into Dinosaurs you need to grab this issue!

Front cover

We usually get gifted a Minifigure as the main freebie, but this one is a Special Edition. ‘Oh fancy’ I hear you all say, well in fact I think it is, let me elaborate a little.

Being an AFOL, the freebie, let’s face it, is the main reason we purchase any LEGO Magazine, and this one in particular stands out, for the sole fact it isn’t another ‘Owen’ (Chris Pratt) Minifigure!

This 65 piece bag of LEGO bits builds a fully articulated T-Rex, albeit a small one.

Foil bag

65 pieces in total!

T-Rex build

The build itself is very straightforward and simple enough, often building two lots of things; thighs, legs, and feet.

The articulation is very good, being able to pose the T-Rex in quite a few positions. For something so small it truly packs a bit bite!

I foresee a miniature Jurassic Park entrance gate vignette being made soon 😉


I really like what LEGO have done here, and hope it continues for many more issues, which brings us to the next issues sneaky peek…

Issue 6 of Jurassic World Magazine

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, will you be rushing out to purchase this awesome little T-Rex?

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  1. Hello! My son is going crazy looking for the instructions for this mini t-rex, do you know where we can find it online? Thank you!

    1. Hi, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately I too can not find any instructions online and mine have gone missing 😅 I have however found several YouTube videos which feature the built itself, this one is in German but has a slower guide video to follow I hope this helps.

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