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Another magazine I look forward to each month is LEGO Jurassic World. Amongst the mountain of Owen Grady Minifigures, we usually get, we do sometimes get a really nice mini-build or two. With the previous issue (issue 24) the freebie was a LEGO Jurassic World ATV, inspired by and sporting classic Jurassic Park colours. It turns out that was part one of a two part build, so purchasing this latest issue was a must!

The Magazine:

I’m a fairly newcomer when it comes to actually sitting down and reading the two comic stories contained within most issues of LEGO related magazine. I must say that I quite enjoy them, I of course read them to my little LEGO helper (Son) who laughs and gasps along.

As always at least one of the stories features the main build and/or Minifigure. It gives you the back story or idea to take the playability further.

For some reason this particular comic depicts Owen Grady escorting the Baby Dino and cage around the Park, whereas last issue the ATV was driven by Vic Hoskins!

With a handful of activities ranging from puzzles, a maze, and some rather handy door signs for the kids use, to let you know what sort of mood they’re in.

It’s become a staple in LEGO Magazines to include a double-sided poster and this issue doesn’t disappoint.

We get the classic phrase of ‘Welcome To Jurassic Park’ but with its modern day counterpart Jurassic World instead.

The other side features an old fan favourite, Dennis Nedry, and his latest creation the Dinobot. Is it ‘Man, Machine, or Dinosaur?! ‘

Great for hanging in your Child’s room or even your LEGO den! I tend to save every issues poster for keepsake, maybe one day I’ll frame the good ones.

The Freebie:

As you may have seen, from the front cover, the freebie is a small Dinosaur cage on wheels, that attaches to the freebie from the last issue. This is the first time, that I know of, LEGO has supplied a two parter, and I like it!

Consisting of only 26 pieces it’s not a big build, but it is however an enjoyable one. It’s perfect for what it is, a small cage which transports one or two baby Dinos.


There’s nothing exclusive in this small bundle of bricks and pieces which is ok as who doesn’t want another baby Raptor to add their Dino army!

The cage itself is very simple and mainly consists of fence and ladder elements. Three black fence bars make up the sides and back while two black ladder pieces serve as hinged doors.

A series of smooth tiles on the base allow the Dino to easily enter and move around with ease. Although not being held by a stud the Raptor is prone to falling over if not careful.

A small clip piece acts as a foot stand for the cage when it’s not attached to the ATV from last issue. It works OK and does the job but you need to remember to move it slightly as not to drag on the floor.

Issue 10 build combined with issue 24

Like I mentioned above I think this must be a LEGO Magazine first, as I can’t recall them issuing a two parter before.

The two builds join together seamlessly and work really well together. The movement of the ball & socket joint is great and just like other LEGO trailers it moves realistically.

For the cost of both issues the whole build equates to £7.98, which is just under the RRP of a small set. OK you may not get quote as many bricks as a small set but what you do get is very good indeed and well worth the spend, the magazines make for a good read also and the included activities will keep the younger fans occupied for a while!

Why not have a bit of fun with the builds and reverse the roles, or make up a game to see who can put each build together the fastest.

Next Issue:

See below for a sneak peek at next issue’s freebie, its another buildable Dinosaur, get in! I really like and enjoy these brick-built dinos, so far we’ve been gifted a T-Rex and Triceratops.

Do you or your Child collect these magazines and mini-builds? Let us know your thoughts on them and what you like and don’t like in the comments below. Don’t forget to leave your reaction to this issue/post below too, it let’s us know if you like the content also and what to focus on in the future, thank you!


LEGO Jurassic World Special Edition Magazine Issue 10


Overall this issue is great and finishes the build we received in the previous magazine. It's the first two parter LEGO magazine and it makes for a decent set after combining them. For the cost of both issues it equates to a small set. The build itself is easy and straightforward and only consists of 26 pieces. It includes a Baby Dino Raptor which fits inside the container well. Once joined to the previous build, Jurassic World ATV, it looks amazing and functions well. A truly great little build!


Magazine 6.5
Freebie (Cage & Dino) 8
Cost (£3.99/£4.99) 8
Overall build (combined) 9.5
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  1. Thank you Greg. I have been searching high and low for the release date of the next issue as lost this magazine in a home move and paranoid I would miss an issue. I have every Lego Jurassic world/park set ever released including promos and limited editions and thanks to you I can relax until mid January

    1. You are very welcome James, thank you for reading and taking the time to reach out to us, we really appreciate it. Happy building!

  2. Great review. Also pleased to see the next release date as my son and I read these and it has helped encourage him to enjoy reading and also follow instructions on building sets on his own.

    QQ do you know if there is an annual subscription option for these or is it a monthly visit to the shops?

    1. Hi Steve, that’s brilliant and so happy for you and your Son!
      I did a quick Google and could only find a subscription to the ‘Special Edition’ magazines,which do include the bumper LEGO Jurassic World issues. seem to be a good supplier here in the UK, please do your research first as I’d hate to give false information. Happy Bricking Steve!

  3. Any idea where I can buy back issues
    Looking for 10 & 11

    1. Hi Sue, I’ve just tried to source them but can’t seem to find any websites that sell back issues sorry. It maybe worth trying eBay, I know that I’ve seen some sellers with older foil packs for sale. You could always subscribe in order not to miss other issues –

  4. Hi Greg, awesome site – thanks for the hard work.
    I’m a bit confused here – this is listed as Issue 10 but you say the previous issue is 24?

    I’m wondering if you could help me out? I have a request from a young man; Rupert (7 years) who has tasked me with acquiring as many issues of Lego Jurassic World as is within my power.

    So, what issue are we on now? have JURASSIC12 as their current issue but you can also get ‘Legacy10’ if you subscribe.

    So I am not sure what all the numbers mean.

    Thanks for having a look to see if anyone is selling back issues – likewise I can only find them on E-bay (for high prices!)

    Do you know of a list of ALL the Jurassic World mags that have come out so I can see just how large my task for Rupert really is?

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi, that is a great question and sadly one i can’t find an answer to. I do know that some issues are separate from others in the same theme, and are called ‘special editions’. I’m taking a wild stab in the dark here and saying that perhaps the lower numbered issues are part of those editions and so fewer apart then most, or visa versa. Sorry i can’t answer for certain.

  5. Thanks Greg!

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