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Being a big Jurassic Park/World AND Dinosaurs in general, I just had to get some of the newer wave sets fro LEGO.

I managed to bag Dr Wu’s Lab (75939) at a decent, and arranged to build it along with Aaron, aka CabbageFaceLego, as part of our new joint venture, Buddy Builds! Please head over to the website for more information on how and where to watch.

So, let’s get into the review of this great little set.

The Main Build:

The main build of this set is a Computer terminal and workbench.

Main build

I must admit that I do like these smaller sets as they pack a lot into them. The Computer terminal looks great and has a lot going on. Three screens sit on the main desk panel and one sunken into the desk itself.

Baby Triceratops enclosure

In the right-hand side you’ll find the Baby Triceratops enclosure. There is a bigger screen just above that so Dr Wu can keep an eye on it.

Dinosaur monitor

The left-hand side is a very nifty looking Egg incubator and Robotic arm, like the one we saw in the original Jurassic Park movie!

Egg incubator

LEGO have even added some derailing on the back of the build, which is a very nice touch.

Computer detail

A piece to take note of is the Mosquito in Amber 1×1 brick. This is indeed a printed part and adds that much needed detail to the set.

Mosquito in Amber

Not an overly big build and quite straight forward to construct. There are no fiddly bits, apart from the stickers of course, so great for younger fans. We get a nice variety of bricks and colours, with a handful of Technic pieces too.

The Minifigures:

Owen Grady & Dr Wu

Two Minifigures are included in this set, the main character Own Grady and Dr Wu. 

Starting with Owen Grady, I must say it is nice not to get the same torso as we normally get, there are far too many of this character in LEGO form, but the different torso does refresh him slightly.

Different torso

Dr Wu is a great character and first appeared in the original Jurassic Park movie. I have to admit that this is my very first Dr Wu Minifigure!

The figure itself is good. There isn’t much printing on the torso and looks flat compared to Owen Grady’s.

Alternate faces

They both have alternative faces. Owen has a slight angered expression while Wu has a shocked looked.

I’ve always liked Owen’s expressions, they’re so detailed and very well printed. Wu’s alternate face is also a good one to have and use in MOCs.

The Dinosaurs:

For some this is the main reason to purchase the set, again I have to admit that I am one of those people!

With LEGO Dinosaurs in the secondary market they sometimes sky rocket in price, especially the T-Rex. Now I’m not saying these ones in this set will or won’t but being from a smaller Set they shouldn’t go too high after LEGO discontinue it (in years to come).

Baby Anklyosaurus

Baby Triceratops

The two baby Dinosaurs included are an Ankylosaurus and a Triceratops. These have both been designed really well and instantly recognisable. Their colour scheme matches, both olive green and beige.

There is a 1×2 brick & plate placed in the Triceratops back so you can have a fully standalone Dino or simply whip out the space filler and pop a Minifigure in so they can ride it!


Very well designed and thought out set, perfect for younger fans of LEGO.

The two Minifigures are quite generic although you don’t see Dr Wu in many sets. Definitely keep him in my collection!

Dinosaurs are definitely the main draw here, great for expanding on the ever growing Dino gang.

Having 164 pieces it’s not bad for the price, which retails at £17.99. Although, as always, it’s definitely worth keeping at eye for any sales on this.


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