Thanks again to yet another overseas online retailer for revealing two new 18+ sets in the upcoming LEGO Botanical Collection.

First off the bat is the much anticipated LEGO Botanical Collection: Bonsai Tree (10281).

So far the only details we know about both sets are the piece counts and what we take from the images. This set consists of 878 pieces.

The Bonsai Tree sits in a black rectangular plant pot which rests on top of a very realistic looking plinth/bench.

The tree itself looks stunning with the small, curved trunk and spralling leaves. LEGO have also included a set of pink/white leaves, in order to change the setting into full bloom!

Next up is LEGO Botanical Collection: Flower Bouquet (10280), this set is also aimed at the Adult market, again in the dark themed box with minimal distractions and 18+ branding.

The bouquet consists of 765 pieces, 12 stalks, and 10 flower heads but unfortunately lacks a brick-built vase so make sure to prepare one beforehand, or simply use a real one, either will work perfectly!

More details, including cost, will be added once we obtain more information. Please check back regularly or follow us on social media for up-to-date news, reviews and more! 

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