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After seeing what was coming in the next issue of the LEGO Jurassic World Magazine, I knew I had to get it!

We speak about Magazines, among other things, on an earlier episode of our Podcast, if you haven’t heard it yet give it a go, you might like it.

Issue 24 is the latest issue of the popular LEGO magazine series focused on Jurassic World. Last month we had a baby Raptor and mini incubation set given away as the freebie. This week we have been spoilt with a vehicle AND a Minifigure.

Front cover

No, the Minifigure isn’t another Owen Grady, it is someone that hasn’t appeared in a magazine until now. Vic Hoskins has been seen in LEGO Jurassic World sets but never in a magazine, making him easier to acquire and at a more affordable price.

Vik Hoskins and an ATV

If you’ve never seen the Jurassic World films, Vic Hoskins is one of the ‘bad guys’. He wants to weaponise the trained Velociraptors and sell them to the Military, so not a nice chap!

LEGO Vik Hoskins Minifigure

The Minifigure features two printed faces, one with a little smurk and the other has an angry expression.

Torso with holster

His black swept back hair is just like in the films and looks great translated into LEGO form. The torso is beige in colour with a color and two pockets. It also has a gun holster. As I also say LEGO’s design and print can’t be faulted, the standard is always high, the same can be said for this Minifigure. Having a torso, that isn’t a police officer, with a holster print on it is a nice piece to have and great for when you create your own scenes or MOCs.

Vik and his ride!

The legs are plain black but do add a lot to the overall look of the Minifigure. Sure it would of been nice to get some sort of print on them but in this particular case I don’t think it needs it.

Onto the mini build now and it’s personally one of the main draws for this magazine. I knows it’s another ATV, but this one has the same colour scheme as vehicles featured in the original Jurassic Park movie.

Jurassic World ATV

From it’s dark reds and greens to the bright yellow accents, it screams classic JP!

Like I said about it’s another ATV, but that’s ok, we secretly love a good ATV vehicle. It’s also nice to get a non Police themed one.

Being only 35 parts, that includes the Minifigure, it’s not a particularly complex build. The main body is based on a 2×6 baseplate, two technic wheel pins and a few 1x2s chucked in for padding and detail. That being said it does the job it is designed for, an All Terrain Vehicle. The wheels are big enough to navigate obstacles within the Minifigure scale World.

Vik Hoskins sits proud and his tranquilliser gun simply clips on the back for easy & safe transportation.

Each Magazine, no matter from which theme, always has the same content. Puzzles, games, comic stories and a double-sided poster.

Rampaging Dinosaurs Maze

The puzzles and games are fun and my little LEGO helper (Son) has enjoyed completing the Maze, playing the two included games. I read the comic to him and we both get to see how they incorporate the freebie into the story.

Vic Hoskins being chased by a Dino!

The comic also sees an old fan favourite come back, Danny Nedermeyer. Now that’s a Minifigure I wouldn’t mind getting in a future issue!

Danny Nedermeyer!

The posters are awesome too, and as usual they’re double-sided. The centrefold image is Owen Grady on his motorcycle riding alongside four baby Raptors, the ones he trained, just like in the movie, albeit Adult Raptors.

Poster No.1

Flip the poster over and we get another brightly colour image, this time of two Baryonyx bursting out of the page with large text saying ‘Warning! Baryonyx, do not feed!’

Warning, do not feed!

Both posters look amazing and would suit any younger fans bedroom wall, or even in an AFOLs LEGO room!

Next issue, coming 18th November, we get part 2 of this ATV build, which makes up a small cage that clips onto the back of the ATV. It also has a baby Raptor to transport!

Issue 25, out 18th November

Thank you for rwadong this article, I hope you enjoyed your time here and we hope to see you again for another The Brick Post review! Don’t forget to leave a rating below, we really appreciate it.


LEGO Jurassic World Magazine Issue 24


Overall the Magazine is good and we have come to expect the same content throughout all LEGO themed magazines. Puzzles, games, comics and a freebie. This issues free gift is one of the better ones we've seen in a while. The included Minifigure is of Vik Hoskins, who is one of the films 'bad guys'. We also get his ATV which he rides during the comics story. The rating is higher due to the Minifigure alone, as usually we get Owen Grady. Vik Hoskins is a great addition to the collection and will be loved by all LEGO fans young & old.


Magazine 5
Posters 7
Freebie (Minifigure & ATV) 8.5
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  1. How do I order for subscription for my 10 yr old I live in Australia

    1. Hi, you’d have to look at who supplies them in your Country and go from there. Or it’s importing them sadly.

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