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The LEGO DreamZzz theme has provided quite a few interesting sets. We had a look at the Mateo & Z-Blob The Robot and Mrs Castillo’s Turtle Van before. Today we have a look at the Dream Village (40567).

So how do we rate this set, is it a dream or a nightmare?

Part selection

The set consists of 419 parts. The part selection is not bad at all. Nothing extremely exciting, but a lot of standard plates and bricks. This makes it a rather versatile set for rebuilding and just getting creative with your LEGO. However, there are quite a few small 1×1’s. Almost a quarter of the parts falls into this category. There’s also a small sticker sheet with 4 stickers in total.


In this set we get Jayden, Dreamling Baker, Dreamling Blacksmith and Dreamling Wizard. Jayden is featured in 2 other sets. The Dreamlings share the same basic parts, but in this configuration they are unique to this set. Ì really like the Dreamling figures a lot, especially since they are designed to hold accessoires. Although, I must admit, the grimspawns are my favourites and it’s a shame none of these villains are included.

Build Process

The parts are divided into 5 numbered bags. Bag 1 and 2 contain the wizard’s building, bags 3 and 4 the bakery and bag 5 the blacksmith. The first 2 buildings consist of 2 modules that can also be used separately when making different configurations. The building techniques are rather straightforward, as can be expected from a 7+ set.

The instructions also feature a 2nd build option like all Dreamzzz sets do. There are no extra parts included however for this and it’s not really rebuilding, just instructions for another configuration.

Play Value

The set offers plenty of options for reconfiguration. A lot of thought has gone into placing clips and bars in the set so various modules can be connected to each other. With all the added weapons for the blacksmith and cakes for the bakery there’s plenty of fun included for kids!

Value For Money (LEGO RRP)

The set is sold exclusively through LEGO Brand Stores and the LEGO website. So you’ll probably won’t find a discount. The RRP is £25.99/$29.99/€29.99. And comparing this set to other sets with the same price (in the EU at least) like Creator 3-in-1 set 31143 Birdhouse or Friends set 41742 Cat Hotel, the Dream Village looks rather small and unsubstantial by comparison. Just looking at price per piece this might be hidden a bit when comparing the sets. But because all of the small 1×1’s that’s not really a good way to judge this set. This results in rather small builds. And for me, it just doesn’t feel like the price is justified. It’s a cute little set, but a price of €20 – €25 would be a better reflection of what you’re getting.

So these are our thoughts on this set, what do you think? Have you built this set as well? Are you planning to get it or not? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Dream Village


Nice little set, it's quite a bit overpriced though.


Part Selection 7.5
Minifigures 9
Build Process 8
Play Value 8.5
Value For Money (LEGO RRP) 6

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