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As Minecraft celebrates its 15th Anniversary, I thought it very apt to pick up a brand new release, the LEGO Minecraft The Cherry Blossom Garden (21260) looked both full of nice parts and characters and also a lovely looking build. Coming in at 304 pieces for £22.99 it didn’t seem to bad, so here is my review of the aforementioned set.

The Box & Contents:

The box art for LEGO Minecraft sets has also been spot on, with the shades of green and ‘blocky‘ design that both LEGO and Minecraft share. I ntje front are the usual details, set name & number (21260) and age rating. Front and centre is the set itself along with the 2 Minifigures and creatures. On the back are a few of the play features, including the Sniffers rummaging through the landscape and Bees that are loosely placed on top of poles to give their movement a more natural feel. 

Inside the box are 3 numbered paper bags, yes paper! These ‘new’ paper bags are becoming more frequent although their appearances are sporadic at best. None-the-less it’s also a pleasure and I love ripping the tops of the bags off, so satisfying.

The Build:

Pretty much all LEGO Minecraft sets are built in a similar way, individual sections that come together to make a larger landscape. The biome of choice here is a lush Cherry Blossom one, complete with 2 trees and matching petals on the floor, when playing the video game I tend to seek out this biome to build my house in.

This set has a nice selection of parts, including big 2×6 bricks to small 1×1 studs, making the build diverse and perfect for the intended 8+ audience. Fan’s of the video will be able to identify the side builds as being blocks they translate nicely into LEGO form, such as the lantern, heart stamped pottery and more, can you tell what they are?

The real star of the set are the Sniffer creatures, there are 3 in total although one is still an agg. These are the builds myself and my Son look for when purchasing a new LEGO Minecraft set, the creatures and Minifigure characters play a massive part in that decision. My Son has a decent sized display in his room with multiple sets merged together to make a bustling Village, adding to this with new mobs (Minecraft slang for characters) is always exciting, especially when it’s a brand new one.

The larger Sniffer has a built-in play feature, pressing down on the back makes the head jolt up and down, this is for rummaging around the landscape unearthing treats. There is a particular space where this can be put and implemented where a section of the landscape pings off.

The Minifigures:

Two Minifigures are included, a Zombie and a character called ‘Sunny‘. Sadly I don’t know enough about the Minecraft video game to know who Sunny is, but the Minifigure itself looks great.

Zombies have been around since the LEGO themes conception so we have entry of these. They haven’t really changed since the first one so there’s not much to say about it. Sunny on the other hand is brand new and is the first time in a set.

The Sunny character has the usual design on the face but with a different colour palette to previous Minifigures, same goes for the torso, a section of it is the standard Minecraft blocks. This is also repeated on the back, it’s a shame the legs are unprinted, but the silver arm makes up for that.

Overall the LEGO Minecraft Cherry Blossom Garden (21260) set is a nice little build, similar to the other sets in this theme. There isn’t anything special about it apart from the trees and Sunny Minifigure. For the price, £22.99, I’d say you could easily leave it and not miss it, or simply build it from your spare pieces, most have appeared on the PaB (pick a brick) wall at some point. I’m my personal opinion, this should have been a sub £20 priced set.

Do you have this set? What do you think of it? Use the comments section below to express your views.


LEGO Minecraft The Cherry Blossom Garden (21260)



The Box 8.5
The Build 6.5
The Minifigures 7.5
The Cost (£22.99) 6

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