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When a new theme drops I like to dip my toe in and test the LEGO water. It’s not everyday a theme launches so picking up a small set or two is a must, the latest addition to the LEGO lineup is DreamZzz!

As myself and my Son are avid LEGO DreamZzz fans, we already knew a lot about the theme and it’s characters from the TV show that released a couple of months ago on YouTube, Netflix, ITVX, BBC and other streaming platforms.

Today’s review is one of the smaller, cheaper, sets. It’s a great way to get ahold of the main characters Minifigures and also get a feel for the theme in general without breaking the bank. The LEGO DreamZzz Mateo & Z-Blob The Robot (71454) set package big punch, continue reading for our review.

The Box & Contents:

Inside the box you’ll find 3 numbered bags, a small sticker sheet and an instruction manual. The box itself is designed to be eye-catching, just like other sets, but this theme has more going for it what with the TV show. Both this show and the sets are branded in the exact same, as you’d expect, with a dark blue base and cloud elements.

In the reverse you’ll find something be interesting, 2 build options. That’s write, pretty much every LEGO DreamZzz set has this ability, dome of the alternative builds are smaller, just like in this set, not only can you build a Jet Pack but there is also instructions for a Spray Gun. Although this is a very cool feature you unfortunately can’t build both at the same time due to shared parts.

Within the instructions themselves you’ll see a split like the one above, giving you two different build options. Just like in the DreamZzz world you an decide which way the story goes and how to overcome that obstacle. In this review we went for the Jet Pack as it seemed way cooler to us, let us know in the comments what you chose.

The sticker sheet is also interesting, as it not only has a handful of stickers for the build, it also has extras. It’s unclear in the instructions as to why they are included but I presume as a bit of fun for kids and fans to use on other objects and customise their possessions.

The Build:

Being small in size, the set doesn’t take too long to build. This doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable as it is, with a few Technic pins and parts to join together which ultimately makes a slime-esque Robot called Z-Blob. Starting off with the head and torso of the Mech, you build up the chest plate and lower torso, adding stickers and sloped tiles to finish it off nicely.

With the pieces from bag 2 you make both arms and both legs. These are essentially the set in construction but mirrored for left & right. These don’t require many parts and pop together rather easily, with heavy-duty click sockets the joints are nice and sturdy. Each of the transparent green elements represent exposed slime, simply slot onto the end of an Technic pin and can swivel a full 360°.

The whole thing may look a tad odd but it is surprisingly strong and can stand on its own two feet rather well. With a ton of articulation and maneuverability, Z-Blob The Robot can be positioned in many poses and not topple over.

There is a very small side-build, sadly I can’t remember what the creature is called but basically they capture and transport the sleeping child around the DreamZzz world. The shape is very reminiscent of a Scorpion with the arched tail and spider-like legs.

Comprisinf of just a handful of bits the build is surprisingly stable, once you’ve aligned the legs correctly. The basic bed is just that, basic, being made up of a 2×6 plate and tiled over it’s not going to win the best bed 2023, but it does the job and once Jayden is added doesn’t look too bad.

The Minifigures:

Included in this small but mighty srt are two Minifigures, one great and one not-so-much.

Jayden is a great Minifigure but isn’t really a main character. The only thing going for him here, in LEGO form, is his cool Unicorn torso and unique face. The character wears a brace which makes for a very cool piece to have as it can be used in MOCs and other scenarios.

Mateo on the other hand is, I’ll be honest, the main reason I purchased this set. After watching the first 10 episodes of LEGO DreamZzz, Mateo and his Sister Izzy looked so cool, Myself and my Son just had to have them in our collection.

The overall look is so cool, with the dual-moulded legs, green Batman-style belt, torso, hair piece and double-sided face, what’s not to like?!

On one side is Mateo’s cheeky smile and on the other is a more serious, almost cocky, smirk. Chuck in his trusty Dream Pen & Hourglass and you have a well-rounded character and Minifigure. Well done LEGO.

Overall the set is a must for DreamZzz fans, big and small. With bright colours and play features for the young ones, to cool parts and accessories for the AFOLs,theres something for everyone.

Coming in at £18.99, the price isn’t too bad and is one of the cheapest sets in the theme so far. The inclusion of choosing which Robot accessory to build is fun and mixes up the build in a nice way. Being LEGO you can take it apart and build the other option, making for greater replay ability.

If you can’t tell but our review above, we love this set and highly recommend it!

This set and others in the theme are available from LEGO Stores and


LEGO DreamZzz Mateo & Z-Blob The Robot (71454)



The Box 9
The Build 9.4
The Minifigures 9.7
The Cost (£18.99) 9.3
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