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On Friday April 12th we discovered the unpleasant surprise of The Brick Post being blocked. The reason for this was our post on the Minions Banana Car. We’d like to clarify a few things on the matter and why we feel this is not right. First of all, we are not official RLFM (registered fan media). This means we have to get all our information from secondary sources like retailers. And because we don’t receive the official information, we often have to guess when embargo will be lifted on a new set. We are not a website that wants to […]

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A lot of LEGO Ideas entries share the same basic concept. Their based around a show or movie, or remakes of classic sets or clearly inspireed by previous successful entries. So today I’d love to pick out a rare gem that doesn’t follow this concept. Beaver Dam Balance Game by Brickster0404 is really original and I’d imagine it would make a fun LEGO set as well. From just a set perspective or the building experience, this doesn’t look to be an advanced set. And to be honest, making a big advanced set is no guarantee that it is really good. […]

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Today is World Autism Day. With the entire month of April focussed on awareness and acceptance towards autism. For LEGO this has been the perfect opportunity to launch new initiatives to support neurodivergent fans. The plans unveiled today mainly concern LEGO stores, LEGO house and the LEGO life magazine. It aims to benefit neurodivergent fans of LEGO of all ages. In a statement by The LEGO Group they underline the reasons for these initiatives: “We know the LEGO System in Play is enjoyed by neurodivergent fans of all ages and we want to support, inspire, and celebrate their creativity. We […]

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Like every year, several LEGO fans had some fun pranks for April Fool’s ready. Below you’ll find some we came across: Bricknerd: LEGO Max   When LEGO tells you: “you’ve had enough”. Robin Hull: Mosaic Maker Special edition   In a tribute to Hillary Page and his Kiddicraft toys, this one features a portrait of the original founder. Brickaccessibilityinclusion – LEGO Sign Language For a more inclusive play experience for deaf LEGO fans. evo_maynard: Female Marvel mechs and action figures There’s some brutal truth behind every April Fool’s post, this one calls out Marvel and LEGO to do better LEGOHouse: […]

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LEGO has announced a new theme for the younger age groups. The new Ready2Play theme focusses on toys to play with instead of building sets. Along with the announcement of the new theme, we had our first look at 2 sets releasing this Summer! Based on this first sets the new theme will include both minifigures and minidolls, which has only been seen with sets for The LEGO Movie 2. The press release sent out for the announcement mentions these sets being a throwback to the early LEGO toys, before the introduction of the well known and beloved interlocking brick […]

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A reminder to those wanting to attend this year’s edition of the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend, registration opens April 1st. Traditionally the weekend takes place in the last full weekend in September, this year being September 28-29. If you’re unfamiliar with the Skaerbaek event, it’s one of the most popular AFOL events in Europe. Last september we posted a blog about it on the website. The organisation of the fan weekend has quite a fun teaser up on the website right now to spark the excitement! And the program for the event is also published already. For AFOLs visiting the event […]

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Tour Of The Black Cat, or Tournée du Chat Noir is an iconic design. The illustration, made by Theophile Steinlen in 1896, advertises a (then) famous Parisian club. And even though the Montmartre based establishment has long closed it’s doors, this illustration remains very popular and sold the world over for all kinds of products. The design by TonyBob5 makes great use of recent curved and rounded parts to create elegant shapes. To be honest, I’m quite impressed how close this LEGO version matches the original. The Lego model contains approximately 2500 parts and measures 15.75in wide x 20.75in tall […]

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The LEGO Icons ‘Botanical Collection’ has quickly become a very popular subtheme for adult builders. Introduced in 2020, we’ve gotten a couple of additions to the collection every year. To accompany these sets, Chronicle Books is providing an almanac with more details regarding these sets and their real life counterparts. To judge a book by it’s cover, this one looks fancy from the outside. Presented in hardcover format with a black cover with hand drawn illustrations by Nina Pace. Also included (and carefully stored in an enveloppe on the inside of the back cover) is a collectible botanical print. The […]

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Castle remains one of the most popular themes within the LEGO community. The recent release of the medieval market square is another great example for that. Within castle Wolfpack is one of the most famous factions. With only 4 sets released in the nineties, it still gets quite a lot of attention with references in CMF figures and even a torso in the mentioned 2024 set. One of these few sets was the 6075 Wolfpack Tower, a personal favourite from my childhood. From the first glance it’s immediately noticable this set is heavily referenced in this idea, without being a […]

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Today LEGO unveiled the biggest DC Comics set to date: Batman The Animated Series Gotham City (76271). The set will be available from 1st April 2024. The set is quite impressive on first look and is a unique mixture of the Art and Architecture themes, combined with the DC universe. It’s a colorful display set, featuring the Gotham skyline with many iconic locations like Arkham Asylum, Jokerland, Wayne Manor with the Batcave etc represented in microscale.  Even the Batmobile gets a really effective micro version. The set comes with 4 minifigures: Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Joker on a stand […]

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