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This set was one of those that appealed to me most when the Summer wave was announced. A little inexpensive set (£8.99/€9.99) containing 157 pieces including an exclusive print seemed really good value for money. Am I still that excited after having built this? Find out in this review below.  So let’s get this out of the way first. I’ve done a few posts about Friends sets now and it’s clear to me some people dismiss the Friends theme just because of the minidolls. There are however also minidoll fans among the AFOLs. Due to this controversial matter I will […]

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June 1st saw the release of the 2023 Summer Wave (for Europe at least, launch dates might differ in other parts of the world). Some amazing sets both big and small are hitting the stores today. To kick the reviews off I’ll be taking a look at LEGO City Arctic Explorer Snowmobile (60376). It’s a small and inexpensive set with 70 pieces and a RRP of £8.99/€9.99. At first glance that might look like a terrible price per part, but take into account this set has 2 Seals, both adult and baby and a Minifigure with an extra hairpiece things […]

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The new Japanese LEGO 2023 2HY Catalog is now available and with it a glimpse of what we can expect later this year! There are new additions to LEGO Harry Potter in the form of a microscale Hogwarts Castle & Grounds (76419). Coming our way from LEGO Marvel is the stunning Captain America’s Shield (76262). There’s also a couple of interesting LEGO Star Wars sets Ahsoka’s 332 Company Clone Troopers Battle Pack (75359) and Yavin IV Rebal Base (75365). Thats not all, we will also be treated to more LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft, Technic, City, and Friends, as well […]

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I must confess, user LEGOtruman is among my favorite LEGO Ideas contributors. He submitted Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, currently available in stores, along with some other awesome contributions that made it into the review stage. My personal favorites are his brick built animals like the cats, koala and sea turtle. Sadly the ones reviewed by LEGO were not chosen to be sets, but you can still vote for the Sea Turtle! This build is inspired by the Legend of Chang E and the moon-rabbit. The model shows a fantasy scene of a palace built inside a floating crescent moon. The architecture […]

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Time for some controversial opinions! Ever since I got my hands on a few discounted LEGO Friends sets a few years ago I’ve been mostly disappointed with LEGO City sets. Even in the smaller Friends sets I was pleasantly surprised with the level of detail in brick built landscaping. Yes, not everybody is a fan of minidolls or the abundance of pink parts. I’m not a minidolls fan either. This is not my point though. My take on this will be very biased and nostalgic. I grew up with LEGO sets from the eighties and nineties. Every curve or angle […]

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There are many ways to enjoy LEGO bricks. Some AFOLs (adult fan of LEGO) love to build sets, others will only build their own creations. Most of us however will be somewhere in between. The big disadvantage of building sets is that it can make the hobby really expensive. MOC (my own creation) building on the other hand can be quite intimidating if you’re just starting with it.  Luckily a lot of talented builders share their designs on sites like Rebrickable. Some of these instructions, others are sold by the creators. This way you can build interesting designs using the […]

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There have been quite a few good Mediterranean houses on LEGO Ideas. Sadly, none of those have made it past a review to become a set. This Ideas entry is no exception to the great quality of previous entries. The Greek Holiday build is instantly recognisable for the blue and white color scheme like you’ll find in Santorini.   The house is beautifully decorated with several plants and trees. According to the creator: I really enjoyed decorating the house with all those different kind of plants, including the most loved Greek flowers – Bougainvillea On the back a small shed for […]

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Many MOC builders will be familiar with the online Pick-a-Brick service from LEGO. Last year some changes were made to the service, waiting a few months to introduce new parts was one of these changes. So until today we couldn’t order any of the parts from the January 2023 wave of sets. It’s still far from complete, but a few hundred parts have now been added including animals like ‘Grumpy Cat‘ from Friends and the Otter from City, prints from the Jazz Club modular and many more are now available. If past experiences are a good indication, some of these parts […]

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Ever since its introduction in the Spring of 2020, we’ve seen a steady stream of new Monkie Kid sets every year. The waves are a lot smaller compared to the big themes like City or Friends. But based on the longevity this probably is a popular theme. It’s mostly targeted towards the Chinese market and most European stores don’t have these on the shelves. LEGO Flagship Stores will sell these and of course they are available online. Release date is 1st June. What do you think of these sets? Do you have any favourites? Share your thoughts in the comments! […]

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Not a day of LEGO announcements can go by without new Disney sets it seems. This little set was added to the online store today amongst many of the other new releases. Release date for this little set is 1st June. The set includes microfigures of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf. I particularly like how Olaf is done and would mind picking up this set for him. What do you think? Comment below. Anna and Elsa’s Magical Carousel (43218): 175pcs/6+/€20,99

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