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LEGO have now released official images for the upcoming LEGO Amelia Earhart Tribute (40450) GWP! 

To be exact an Australian LEGO Certified Store published the official images as the release date for this GWP will be much earlier than the rest of the World… Today, 22nd February 2021 sees the Australian release of this particular GWP!

From the new hi-res images we can see that they’ll be a substantial amount of stickers, as the most of the Plane is covered in Yellow decals, wing numbers and more.

The torso doesn’t look familiar so is most likely an exclusive or unique piece/print.

The details we know so far are for the release in Australia and the US, no other details have been revealed by LEGO as yet so whether the rest of the World will see this GWP is still unknown, although we do speculate it’ll be available everywhere. Details are as follows to receive this awesome GWP:

  • Australia: $199.99 at LEGO Certified Stores – 22nd February.
  • USA:  $100 at LEGO Certified Stores – 6th to 14th March.

So far the response to this GWP has been great and we expect it to sell our rather quickly, we sure hope the stock levels are higher than that of the recent LEGO Porsche 911 (10295) ‘Owners Pack’, which were appalling!

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