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If you’re an avid reader of ours then you’ll know we love, their range of custom printed parts and amazing character choice never disappoints. We recently acquired Richie & Eddie from Bottom a couple of weeks back and can’t stop looking at them, they’re done to a very high standard.

We’d like to dedicate this post, perhaps make it a monthly thing, to showcase the latest releases and what grabs our fancy at We’ll pop links throughout article so you can shop with ease, these links contain a 10% discount that automatically reduced your basket amount. If this fails please use our code TheBrickPost-0921. use genuine LEGO parts so you know you’re in good hand. Take a look below at what’s on offer.

New releases:

Ted Lasso – AFC Brickmond


Do your football minifigs need managing? have the perfect set for you! Inspired by the TV series ‘Ted Lasso‘, these custom-printed minifigs have some awesome accessories and amazing details.

What We Do In The Shadows


Based on the TV series What We Do In The Shadows, have recreated Laszlo, Nadja, Nandor, Guillermo and Colin Robinson. Make sure to keep these mini vampires away from daylight…

King Charles III & Queen Camilla


Designed for royal fans, this custom minifigure set features King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort, in their coronation regalia. Expertly crafted by with great attention to detail, this set is a must-have collectable to celebrate their coronation.

15th Time Lord and Ruby (60s)


Ok, so it’s possible that are just a little bit excited about the new Time Lord and his companion. So much so, that it wasn’t enough for us to make them in their usual outfits; we needed to make them in their 60s outfits too!

Frida Kahlo


An inspirational artist, she shone through at a time when women weren’t considered viable to be ‘famous’.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, have also added an inspirational quote to the minifig’s back.

20% of sales of this minifigure are split between Kiva and the Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network.

Below are some of our personal favourites including some from TV, film, music and more. What draws us to these Minifigures are a variety of things such as design, printing and most importantly awesomeness!

Top picks:

Eddie Munson


Leader of the Hellfire Club. Master DM. Master of puppets (and fighting Vecna).

This is our personal favourite and a Minifigure we cherish, check out more about him and the other Stranger Things Minifigures.



Fancy a chimichanga? Well, this guy definitely does, based on the movie version of Deadpool, this little fella has a sense of Ryan Reynolds about him.

Elton John


Wearing a stylish jacket, which has been custom printed to look all spangly, this little figure (inspired by Elton) comes with a free LEGO microphone.

20% of sales of this minifigure goes to akt (formerly the Albert Kennedy Trust), a charity that supports LGBTQ+ people aged 16 – 25 in the UK who are struggling with homelessness or living in a hostile environment. 

Richie & Eddie


If you’re a fan of British sitcoms then you might like these little chaps. Great to add to your Minifigure collection, and they make an adorable gift too!

We hope you enjoyed the this run down of what is new from Please let us know if you want more via the comments section below.

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