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We recently had the chance to experience the new & improvedCreate Your Own‘ service at, here’s how we got on and a closer look at what is on offer at the best place to get custom bits!

We at The Brick Post have a great fondness for Minifigures and Sigfigs (signature figures), if you follow us on Instagram you’ll know firsthand just how much, with our many posts and weekly #SigfigScene feature. came into our lives quite recently and we’ve fallen for their many awesome products and custom elements, they enhance the whole Sigfig market too with their fully fledged and incredibly involved ‘Create Your Own‘ system.

If that didn’t persuade you to have a go, then using our link will get you 10% off your order and any future orders too. Bookmark this page to reuse the link whenever you need something from

Create Your Own:

When their new website first loads you’ll see the ‘Create Your Own‘ banner near the top of the page, pop in a project name, we suggest something short and unique, this helps the team pick & process your order correctly, making sure the correct parts go with the correct figure.

Once you’ve chosen a suitable name hit the button ‘Start building‘, this takes you to where you piece together yourself, friend, or family member.

First things first you need to choose the colour of your character, there are four options with one being standard LEGO Yellow. Next on the list is Hair, or a Hat.

Presented with a plethora of options from short or long hair to different styles and hats, there is something here for everyone and you won’t be left wondering which one to choose. Beward that the price for the Minifig isn’t set in stone, it changes depending on the cost of the part you add, luckily there are prices on display at all times and an overall basket amount at the bottom of each section.

Once you’ve settled on a hairstyle or fancy hat, you’ll get to choose your face, this is probably one of the most important steps and equally most exciting, you get to choose what you look like. Either keep it real or go for something completely unique and out of this World.

With a ton of options including standard LEGO heads to totally custom ones, you can even contact them and ask for something similar to your real face, their design team has worked wonders with our Greg’s face, even supplying alternative expressions. Again these extras all cost money so please enquire with them before starting.

Everytime you add a part you’ll see it here (above) in the order list, this also gives you a sense of what the overall Minifig will look like.

When it comes to the torso and legs you can again add custom designed parts to your character, we would highly recommend heading to the ‘Winter and Christmas‘ collection as the season is almost upon us. They have issued several new designs including Christmas jumpers, that can be customised with your Name on the back!

Greg went for the Green Candy Canes and Reindeer jumper, we think it’ll suit him really well, especially combined with the custom designed grey legs!

The next big step is choosing a display, of course you don’t need to choose this option but please do take a look, there are some really great pieces on offer. For instance they have added large panels with custom designed backgrounds on them, great for creating MOCs (my own creations) with, placing them behind your Minifig and really setting the scene.

Greg went for the fireplace when choosing his display, he can imagine popping the custom printed LEGO panel into the background of photos. Other display types are available including small stands and mini-builds. It again relies on your personal preference and budget. Making a Sigfig is a great experience in itself, often evolving along the way, having different options is great and you’ll be back at buying more unique parts for your mini LEGO you.

The final steps are choosing accessories, this part of the creator takes the most time as they have 100s to choose from. Thankfully you have the option to add upto 3, usually making for an eclectic mix of addons, from backpacks and handbags to baseball bats and animals.

Once you’re happy with your selections hit the ‘figure complete‘ button, this will transfer your parts to the basket where you can finish the checkout procedure. Don’t forget to use this link to get 10% off your order, every little helps!

Themeir new website is superb and really looks the bees-knees, we love the direction they have taken and the style is spot on with what they offer and how they operate. The team are very friendly so please do reach out to them is you encounter any issues.

We may earn a small commission when you use any of the links above, this goes towards the upkeep of The Brick Post website, thank you. We’d love to see your creations so don’t hesitate to tag us in any posts you share on social media.

We hope this helps you on your way to creating a fun and interesting Minifig!

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