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When it comes to Minifigures we have a fair few on display and stashed away in storage. It’s hard to say just how many we have acquired over the years but it’s safe to say it’s in the hundreds, with no signs of stopping, add custom figures into the mix and you have an amazing consortium of characters, including today’s showcase of Ripley & Kane from the Alien movies!

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We have teamed up once again with to bring you these characters, showing you what this brilliant company has to offer and where to pickup your very own. The team do such an awesome job of recreating our favourite characters, all whilst using a base of genuine LEGO parts.

When browsing their extensive list of products we came across the Alien characters, with Alien Day fast approaching we knew these would go down extremely well so we just had to have them. They not only look awesome, there are so many to collect, the whole Alien & Aliens team are there, waiting to be added to your collection.

For me personally Ripley had to be one of the first Minifigures I picked up, she is after all the star of the franchise. This iteration of the character made more sense to me as the style and clothing were different to that of the first film, she looks so badass in her white torn vest, ripped jeans and ammo belt!

Kane was a no-brainer to get next, it was the Space suit that grabbed my attention. So much detail beautifully packed onto a Minifigure, it’s truly surprising just how much can fit, the team have done a fantastic job.

The entire Minifigure is covered in print, even under the arms. There is a face-hugger on his visor, granted it’s a little on the small side but epic none-the-less.

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Creating a small MOC (my own creation) was essential to capturing the characters and taking better photographs to show them off. It wasn’t a very big MOC, it’s more of a background really. Being mostly black the backdrop and layered details were hard to capture, but adding a little light highlighted the rounded edges and the end results were great, recreating a scene from The Aliens film.

These characters are perfect for popping in MOCs and scenes and recreating iconic images from the films. Add the highly talented work from and bosh, you’re onto a winning combination.

You can pickup these and many other Custom LEGO Minifigures from, clicking the many links scattered throughout this page will automatically add a 10% discount code to your basket. If that fails please pop this code into the appropriate box during checkout – TheBrickPost-0921.

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The Flamethrower isn’t included with the Minifigure, this was my own design, please feel free to copy it as I think it works rather well.

The tiles are also available from and are a great addition as they also refer to Aliens, ok not the Xenomorph kind but extraterrestrials in general. These will be put into a new MOC sometime soon to show them off in all their glory, so watch this space for that.

Thank you for reading our showcase review of these two awesome Custom LEGO Minifigures, we hope to keep bringing you more when they release, we love a good Minifigure!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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