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Update: Points cost lowered to 150 from 600!

During Comic-Con many Years ago, LEGO Comic Book Creator was first launched and gave fans the opportunity to create a unique story featuring either Batman, Spider-Man, or Star Wars characters. It has now returned but not entirely like before, the once free experience now costs a whooping 600 VIP points, the equivalent to around £4.

Once you redeem your choosen theme, via the Comic Hub, you’ll create yourself in Minifigure form. Then after a handful of multi-choice questions your adventure is complete. Sadly though there is no physical copy like its predecessor, you’ll simply receive a digital copy to download and keep. To me this seems rather pointless and somewhat expensive for what it is.

The Comic creation service can be found in the VIP Reward Centre, please note that this may not be available to all regions. 

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  1. I purchased all three with the understanding a physical copy was going to be mailed to us. I went through only the Star Wars one with my son; what a farce! Then upon realizing they are only digital copies, I was not putting up with this garbage. Come Monday, I phoned Lego and demanded my points returned on the two comics we didn’t use, and asked for the one we did because it was such a terrible concept. Luckily the operator was kind and helped out!!

    1. It’s terrible isn’t it, should be free if you don’t actually get anything and for 600 VIP you should. Glad you got your points back, that’s one thing you can count on, their customer service is top notch.

      1. Yes, you nailed it; their customer service is one that still stands out above most others. It’s in-house and designed to protect fans. The 600 points was lowered to 150 per comic. This might be outside US, I’m guessing? It would account for digital version only, and maybe be their reaction to complaints?

        1. Yes! Thank you for the heads up on the change, much appreciated 😎

  2. Actually, I saw this for the first time today while on LEGO and, as you noted, it’s now 150 pts for digital BUT they have an option for “Printed” that is 1,500 pts. I’m fine with that if I know what I’m getting. I was trying to find out if someone had a physical copy of it with pictures so I could see what all it entailed.

    I wish they’d show screenshots of the process and what it looks like rather than providing a VERY brief description and a tiny picture of the cover. How many pages, etc.? I’d rather be able to customize the cover to show something like Spider-man has been revealed to be … “my son’s name” or something that I could frame in my 5 yo’s room.

    The worst thing about the VIP rewards is that they don’t offer much to see, including their art prints (I have all of the patent and Marvel as well as a few others). I understand they don’t want someone to print things out themselves but at least make them a readable/viewable size like 1000px with a dark watermark on them or something, and that’s not going to provide a great print for someone who doesn’t want to redeem the points.

    OK, I’ll slow my roll… haha BUT last thing… they also do a terrible job of shipping them; I’d guess that at least 1/3 of them I’ve had to reorder because they are badly bent.. I kept a few that have a small line or something but I can’t be the only one having that issue.

    Last note: Here’s what it says about the “Print”:

    Redeem now and create a customized comic book, sent directly to your door. Your comic book will take roughly 1-2 weeks to arrive.

    Once you redeem this reward, you will receive a code—please go to and enter your code there!

    Please note, physical comics can only be send to a U.S. address. We do not currently offer print outside of the U.S.

    1. That is so kind of you to let us know!

      I agree with you regarding the VIP, showing exac2what is available and what you’ll get is necessary to sell the product in the first place.

      Thanks again, we really appreciate the comment.

    2. Ugh.. Sorry, I just realized that you’re in the UK, sorry to add insult to injury. :-/ Having your widget read the article to me, very cool and clean btw, I heard £4.

      As for redeeming, I may try it because, as both, you and Shaun mentioned, their customer service is top notch and if it’s a sham, I’ll ask for my points back. Of course I could get on another roll about their pricing the past year but for another day. lol

  3. I like this so very much for me becouse I love legos and love to build them and they help me realize that I need some space and alone time

  4. I’m so excited to read this one. It’s wonderful!!

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