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Something very interesting has been revealed on the building instructions page, in the FORM of four LEGO VIP Addon Packs!

The four packs will look as though they contain a generous helping of parts and accessories, similar to the LEGO Xtra polybags.

Unfortunately hardly any details surrounding them are present, we do have names & set numbers which is something. We are unsure when they’ll be available or how many VIP points are required to ‘purchase’ them, but once they’re in the LEGO VIP Rewards area we’ll let you know!

Fun and Funky VIP Add On Pack 40512:

Spooky VIP Add On Pack 40513:

Image unavailable

Winter Wonderland VIP Add On Pack 40514:

Pirates and Treasure VIP Add On Pack 40515:

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  1. Thank you for reporting, Greg!

    The Pirate Add On Pack looks far more generous than the Service Parts Packs on the 90s.

    1. It’s what we do 🙂
      The Pirate pack is by far the best one 😉

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