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The BaM (build a minifigure) station is fast becoming the place to grab new and exciting LEGO characters and on quite a regular basis too!

The Halloween themed Minifigures are still in most LEGO Stores but before them the last lot that were available featured a new ragtag crew of Cowboys & Cowgirls, and strangely an updated version of Captain Red Beard (Pirate). Before them we were graced with a new Knight torso, Wizard, and Queen, which makes for a great addition to the recently released LEGO Lion Knights Castle (10305).

As you can see from the image above you get some fun Minifigures and cool accessories, which include A Scout Boy, Sleepy Girl, and one I call Geppetto as he looks exactly like the character from Pinocchio. These all come with nice torso prints, heads, hats/hair pieces, and accessories.

Scout Boy:


Starting off with the Scout Boy Minifigure, you can see that the torso has a brand new design and print. The sash is covered in badges that the Scout has acquired for his many good deeds, there is also a Red scarf around his neck.

The backwards cap and hair combo is taken from LEGO Hidden Side, it works extremely well on this younger Boy character and one you should definitely keep as part of the Minifigure. He also comes with a very apt accessory, a Magnifying Glass. It maybe very stereotypical but the accessory suits this character well.

Sleepy Girl:

The Sleepy Minifigure is very cute especially with the accompanying accessory, a Rabbit Teddy bear.

The torso is a new printed Pyjama top on a Light Aqua coloured element, with matching trouser bottoms. The Minifigure as a whole looks great and one I’m happy to add to the collection. There is another facial expression on the back, which is a generic happy face with eyes open.

Her hair piece is the icing on the cake and makes the character complete.

Carpenter (Geppetto):

The Carpenter, as I’ve dubbed him, is in his work overalls, ready for a day’s work, along with his trustee Bulldog sidekick.

His torso is the only printed part of this body, the top of the dungarees, unfortunately the legs are plain dark brown. He also only comes with one facial expression and isn’t double-sided.

I think this Minifigure looks a lot like Geppetto from Disney’s Pinocchio movie, especially the original animated version. Do you agree?

Of course being LEGO they can be mixed-up to create different characters entirely, changing the gender is just the start, from Scout Boy to Girl, and Sleepy Girl to Sleepy Boy.

These Minifigures are now available from the Build A Minifigure Stations in most LEGO Stores, we would love to see the characters you come up with, please share them on social media and tag us, we’ll like and comment on them all. Also please let us know in the comments what you think of these new Minifigures and whether you collect them or not, we love hearing from you.

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