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Hi Everyone, it’s Jake from Lets_Build_Lego_ back with my next review of Lelightgo light kits and today I shall be reviewing the LEGO Batwing 1989 (76161).

Now let me start by saying that this light kit looks phenomenal! The kit really makes the Batwing POP! Specially seeing as the Batwing is 95% black lego pieces as it would be.

Lelightgo provide 3 different versions for the Batwing and I will be breaking down what each version provides and which version I recommend.

Firstly let’s talk about the classic version. Now the classic version provides a fair  it of light, lighting up the cockpit with a nice clean blue light, the front machine guns at the front of the Batwing has 2 red (1 on each side) lights, the tip of each wing has a yellow light, there are 2 flaps (1 each side) which will have a white light to give it a little more of a shine, the tail has teal coloured lights that are positioned down round and up the tail which I love!, beside the cockpit on each side will have the same colour teal lights and you will 2 of them on each side, on both sides you have cannons which are lit at the front with a white clear shining through the clear lego pieces and lastly red lights on each side on the cannons by the cockpit. Now that’s a lot to come with the classic version of the lightkit.

Now lets talk about the standard version. Now the standard version  has all the same lights as the classic version but the standard also comes with lovely teal lights at the base of the Batwing, these lights can be shown as a solid teal or flashing for extra effects which I love. These lights are position around the whole of the base, I found the best way to display the Batwing to feel the full ombience of the lights is to wall mount it! This really allows the lights to bounce off of the wall and really give it that shine around the Batwing and the wall.

Remote version comes with everything you get with the standard, but the remote allows you to have more fun. You can control the lights to display them how you wish! Wether again they be all lit up solid, flashingand only certain sections.

Price list for the versions are as follows:

  • Classic – £32.99
  • Standard – £48.99
  • Remote – £63.99

My personal opinion is if you have this set definitely light it up with the standard version at least! It really gives this set the WOW factor!

If you have any questions or if I haven’t covered anything please feel free to comment or dm me on my Instagram at Lets_Build_Lego_.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

And as always LETS BUILD LEGO! 😀

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