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Like every year, several LEGO fans had some fun pranks for April Fool’s ready. Below you’ll find some we came across:

Bricknerd: LEGO Max


When LEGO tells you: “you’ve had enough”.

Robin Hull: Mosaic Maker Special edition


In a tribute to Hillary Page and his Kiddicraft toys, this one features a portrait of the original founder.

Brickaccessibilityinclusion – LEGO Sign Language

For a more inclusive play experience for deaf LEGO fans.

evo_maynard: Female Marvel mechs and action figures

There’s some brutal truth behind every April Fool’s post, this one calls out Marvel and LEGO to do better

LEGOHouse: Adding a brick on top of the building

The Tree of Creativity is outgrowing the current building.

Bricking747: Avocado Girl in CMF series 27

Original posted by Snarkybrixx

We would love it if this was real…

Tips&Bricks: Venomized Grogu

The crossover you didn’t know you needed…

Rebrickable: AI Powered Reviews

Rebrickbot will be taking over the platform

LEGO – Upsized Minion Tim

This one is mega…

And of course we had some fun as well with our own LEGO/Playmobil crossover Ready2Play

Did we miss any good ones? Do you have a favourite in this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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