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Today in our Rebrickable Feature, we don’t just focus on one single build. Instead we explore the builds from one Rebrickable creator. Contributor Xiaowang really has some stunning and also quite sizeable projects on Rebrickable. In total there are 103 contributions so far and we hope that after seeing a couple highlighted by us you’ll have a look over at their profile, the link is at the bottom of the feature!

First of all there are a bunch of brick built sculptures. These range from 1100 to close to 17000 parts. Some of these are animals, some are based on LEGO figures or molds and some are third party IP’s like Nintendo or Marvel characters.

Then there are several architectural builds, there are modular style shop buildings, medieval and war scenes, grafitti walls, Dutch attraction Rietveld House and a huge bridge (14108 pieces) among others.

Finally there are some various other builds like a 30.000 (!) pieces tiger mosaic, up-scaled LEGO cups and a model of the famous Rietveld chair.

Instructions for all the builds are for sale on the Rebrickable website. There are direct links to add all parts to Bricklink and Brickowl wanted lists to make ordering all neccesary parts as easy as possible.

Like we stated before, this is just a small introduction to the builds of Xiaowang, a really talented contributor we think. We thoroughly enjoyed having a look at all these amazing builds.

What’s your favourite of all these builds? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Find all of these builds by Xiaowang and many more on Rebrickable:

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