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LEGO Ideas isn’t the only platform where creators share their designs. A great source is the Rebrickable platform. The big advantage of this platform is you can download the instructions right away. The other side of the coin is that it can be rather time consuming and expensive to source all the parts. This of course depends on the size of the build and availability of parts. We recently reviewed the ‘Alter Sesame Street’ by Just Create and last year the Goat Brickheadz by MonstarJDC.

Rebrickable is an independent platform which means different rules apply. For example, religious and military builds are allowed. There are also plenty of modulars, on Ideas these seem to be doomed to be rejected in the review phase. Furthermore creators maintain control over their designs, deciding themselves if instructions are available free of charge or for sale. So it’s about time to highlight some of these builds a bit more.

This feature will be similar to Ideas features and put a spotlight on a design or builder without building the design ourselves. If we decide to actually build one of these designs we will do a review of course.

Today we focus on the Spacebaby by Bricktum. It’s a cute brick built version of the white spacebaby that was included in a recent GWP. The big model is done in a similar fashion like recent sets 40649 Up-Scaled Minifigure and 40504 A minifigure tribute.

The build consists of 255 bricks. The price for these parts is estimated at €32,73 from Brricklink/Brickowl. There are some recent parts present that raise the cost a bit. However, most parts are rather common so using your own parts it should be possible to get all parts a bit cheaper. The model includes printing that you can print yourself from the instructions or order from Steindrucker. The instructions are priced at a rather reasonable €4,99 considering all the effort that has clearly gone into making this.

Bricktum also has an up-scaled red spaceman and parrot and treasure chest for the Captain Redbeard tribute available on Rebrickable, be sure to check out his Rebrickable profile for those!

Link To Building Instructions:

Rebrickable User Profile:


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