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As part of a new feature and to bring more MOC builders into the spotlight, when sharing our MOCs weekly we’ll grab, where possible, a few words from the creator.

This week we’d like to introduce Chrisbricked.TV from Instagram. He was our very first feature back when we started and we’ve followed him and his amazing creations ever since!

Focusing on building City, Modulars, Trains, and Vehicles, Chrisbricked.TV currently has over 100 completed projects and there is no sign of stopping. He has recently started producing commissions for AFOLs to grow and include in their own Cities!

Please follow, support and check out Chrisbricked.TV on Instagram, also visit his website where you can purchase the instructions for all his MOCs. Oh and he currently has 50% off!

Instagram: Chrisbricked.TV

Thank you for taking this time to chat with us. Let me start by asking when and how did you get into LEGO?

I studied engineering for some time and also became fascinated with architecture. Of course as a kid, I had LEGO, but it wasn’t until my late friend Jim showed me about Digital LEGO Building. I was hooked right after!

When did you start making MOCs?

I’m fairly new, I only started in October of 2019. Of course I’ve been using programs for years, but I didn’t start posting them for people to see until recently.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Real life! All my builds are built based off of pictures or actual buildings I see in my everyday life.

After you get an initial idea, what happens next?

The test build. Every MOC I Create is built into a rough draft. After, I rebuild it using more of a organized structure and use pieces in colors LEGO has available. I also make the instructions too. It’s a long process but I can say I enjoy it.

Are there any techniques in particular that you really like implementing? 

SMOOTH! When you look outside you don’t see little round circles sticking out of the ground :). I prefer to smooth all of my MOCs out to make them look realistic (it’s safe to say 90% of the time).

How long does it take from initial idea to finished product?

1 day – to 4 months. Sometimes I just want to take a day off, and sometimes, I’d like to build all day!

What would be your dream MOC to create?

A full size Airport! But I’m afraid my brain would be fried by the time I’m done 😉

What are you currently working on?

Commissions that my followers have ordered me to build for them. Right now, a House, Studio, and City Layout are being designed!

What advice would you give to beginner MOC builders?

Don’t copy people – seek inspiration, but build your own stuff. If something’s done too many times it gets old.

Apart from making MOCs what other aspects of LEGO do you like, sets, minifigures etc?

I love City and Modular, I’m not necessarily a collector so Star Wars and stuff doesn’t excite me. I just like the pieces to build my own stuff.

What is your favourite LEGO set?

Can I even legally answer that? I love sets with lots of colors so the Assembly Square is up there, but on a personal level, the Yellow Beach House by Creator. It was the first set someone bought for me and I didn’t break it because it was a gift 🙂

That’s all great! Many thanks for taking the time to answer some questions and talk to us, we wish you all the best with your future projects!

Don’t forget to follow and support Chrisbricked.TV

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